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HELP Fistula?

I have been having symptoms for two months now. Cramping and joint pain (migratory but intense) that have been my major symptoms. for the past month I have felt a pressure in my butt like I have to go to the bathroom but nothing comes out. This has turned into a sore kind of inflamed feeling arund and inside my butt. While all of this was going on I has a colonoscopy and nothing showed. I decided it was hemmerhoids but for the last few days I get sharp pains. Not anything extreme but I am really worried I am getting a fistula. I have looked all over these forums and it scares me that some say this is the beginning of a fistula. I am not yet diagnosed. I have had blood work colonoscopy/endoscopy and nothing comes of it. When all of this started I had a rectal exam and the doctor didnt see anything. The inflammation and pain is not from D because I dont have D. This is very overwhelming as I am battling joint pain and this has just pushed me over the edge. I already know my doc is going to attribute this to the hemmies but I ve had them before and they have never felt like this. My questions to you guys is

How do I get this checked out to rule out a fistula?
My doctor perscirbed steroid suppositories but I have read no where that it helps with these kind of things. She did not examine me.

I dont have any kind of lump or draining and I am wondering if my doc will be able to identify a fissure if thats the case without seeing a lump.

what should I ask for to avoid it becoming a full blow fistula?

Can a fistulas e take over a month to develop?

Thank you for reading and hopeful for some advice.
I am calling my doc tommorow but afraid they will not properly examine me or take me seriously since I dont have a dx of chrons.
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im sorry your still having trouble i hope you get this all sorted out soon. i think could possibly have a fistula as well but idk anything about them so i have no idea. im thinking about calling my doctor and describing the pain but its going to be awkward having him check out my bottom.. oh lord the shit keeps coming! hope you get some answers!!!! <3
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I called my doc and left a message but she perscribed a steroid suppository and after doing my research it seems that it will actually worsen the situation. She perscribed a very low dose of pred and I just took my first day of pills. I am no worried I am doing more harm.

What are your symptoms if you dont mind me asking...Thank you for responding! it is always nice to hear from you : )
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Levator Ani Syndrome Symptoms

The patients experience a dull ache in the rectum and occasional burning. The pain is often worsened when the stool presses against the levator ani while being expelled.
The most common signs and symptoms of levator ani syndrome include:

* Rectal Pain and Burning
* Rectal tightness and Muscle spasm
* Dull ache in the rectum
* Pain in the tailbone area
* Pressure and Discomfort in the tailbone area
* Discomfort in the rectal area

These are the most commonly occurring symptoms, though the signs may vary from one patient to the other.

I have all of these! What are your symptoms xoxava? I believe it said stress can cause this. But I am still worried about fistulas. I dont have draining or a lump but I am going to see my GI just to be sure. I cant believe I now have to deal with this on top of everything else arghh

Does anyone have any advice on how to deal with this?
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When I had a fistula, I would have ALOT of drainage, rectal pain/burning, nausea, aching in my low back, low grade fever, swelling in the rectum. My doctor always prescribes a cortisone foam as well as Mesalamine suppositories. If that doesn't work I use a Canasa enema at night and the Cortifoam in the morning. I also get Flagyl prescription,too.

I kept getting them over and over until I started Remicade. I also have skin tags that occasionally get infected, too.

Also, to answer your question about how long does it take for a fistula to develop, I think on the inside it takes longer but once it breaks the skin the symptoms are pretty quick and intense.

The main symptom you're missing IMHO is the drainage and low grade fever. I'm not familiar with the syndrome you describe above, but I have had those same symptoms from a low bowel flare. Even if the doc can't see anything, obviously with your joint symptoms something systemic is brewing.

Try your doctors advice and use the meds just as prescribed; if it's not improving in a week or so it's time to go back to the doctor.

My method with doctors is keep bugging them til they give you something and you feel better lol!


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