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New poster...old disease!

Hi all,

I have had Crohn's for 10 years now (right side of bowel only) and despite having 5-6 years of pain and suffering I have been pretty much symptom and drug free for the past 4 years with only very occasional bouts of slight discomfort, I recently had a check up colonoscopy where they took biopsies etc and didn't think too much about it until I went for the follow up appointment with my Doc, it was at this point he said that they have found no evidence of anything nasty (pre-cancerous cells) but he was concerned that the disease appeared to be still active and wanted me to go back on Asacol, well that was news to me and I am worried again as he pointed out that after 8-10 years there is an increased risk of cancer developing which after all these good years has made me feel depressed, I know I am one of the lucky ones so far as it doesn’t really effect my life too much but what the future holds… who knows??

So from my experience no pain doesn’t necessarily mean you’re all ok inside maybe my body has just learnt to deal with it better.... or not!!
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Hi Matt,
I have also had this for 10 years and was usually pretty healthy (until now), so I know how you feel! It is thinking you are doing well and having the rug pulled out from underneath you. I would totally encourage you to see a naturopath, though. I am one who thinks that western medicine over diagnoses things and they may be telling you you are sick when you are not actually, and the mind is a very powerful if you feel healthy, maybe get a second opinion? You don't want to start believing you are sick, your body will believe it too, know what I mean?
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I know what you mean!!

That's the crappy thing about CD, (excuse the pun) the truth is I've never felt better but somehow my CD is still active and now the Doc has made me start to worry again which can't help matters.
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Get a second opinion! Sometimes doctors just want to say everyone is sick...
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Hi Matt

Were you OK for the last 4 years without any maintenance medicine at all? I thought we had to take medicine even if we are feeling well to prevent relapses. That's why i have been taking Pentasa for almost 7 years now, and the doctor says I should take it for the rest of my life (I also took other medicines along the way, as I'm also taking Imuran now)

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