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Hi all

I have been on prednisolone for six weeks now and am gradually being weaned off them, I lost blood down the pan so my consultant said prednisolone would help. Today I went to the toilet and lost blood, then I went again and my poo had blood around it then I wiped myself and there was loads, I am so very very fed up today when will this ever get under control ?

I am on mezaline already and the consultant has mentioned Azathioprine which I am concerned about cause of he side affects.

Should you still get a flare up if on prednisolone and can anyone tell me about Azathioprine.


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No one is answering :-(
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I have been on azo for 10 years and I dont have any side effects from it. As for the blood, you should call your consultant and tell them how much blood you are losing. I would think that the prednisolone should be controling that, but I'm no doctor.
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Hi Liz. I'm sorry that you're feeling so awful right now. I have had the blood and D last for 6-8 weeks before stopping. I have never taken pred., as I refuse to. Have you tried mesalamine enemas (sometimes called Rowasa)? They seem to stop my bleeding quickly every time. Sometimes I'm too stubborn to start the meds. right away, hence the lengthy bleeding. Make sure that you keep your doctor informed about the bleeding. You might also want to take an iron supplement because of the blood loss.
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Hiya,what does did you start on? I recently went on my latest corse of preds,it was only once I got down to 2 that the bleeding stopped,I was on azo 6 yrs ago before my op and I was fine,no affects,they will do a blood test to make sure you have the right enzymes for the drug,hope it all works out,cheryl
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sorry to hear you are having a tough time. I can not answer your questions, but I can give you support. I hope things are getting better for you
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Oh, this is the first time I have been to this particular subforum, as usually I am on the parents and kids subforum, but Isaac has UC so I'll have to check it out more.

From my understanding, 5-ASA (at least orally) doesn't seem to be good at inducing remission. Steroids (like prednisolone) generally are, but there are exceptions, and our bodies tend to get used to the extra steroid boost and then it becomes less effective. Azathioprine (Imuran here) isn't much good at inducing remission. But both Azathioprine and 5-ASA show significant success with maintaining remission. Mind you, each individual is different, so a lot of the treatment is based on a systematic, research-based trial and error.

Your doctor might be interested in other treatments to induce remission. Including maybe more steroids or another method of delivery. High dose probiotics, or restrictive diet might help. It seems like surgery will start to enter the discussion. In the meantime, there are other things that might help with inflammation and relief, which include basic warm water enemas. You should discuss all this with your doctor to see about your particular circumstances of course.
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What other drugs have you used???
Asacol stopped my bleeding. Well just patches of blood and ive lost so much blood before it!
Its not so bad

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