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Hi! I'm just wondering if anyone has used asacol? My doctor wants me to try it along with my elemental diet. Im still doing the diet, but now I am also eating, and he wants to prevent future inflammation, since I now have to digest food.
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I've used it in the past with varying degrees of success....finally stopped working and had other complications which moved me on to remicade.

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While my experiences may not be what everyone has had- I feel it is worthwhile to share any and all experiences that may be beneficial to others.
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i have no completed about Asacol. The pills are on the larger size but not huge. It got rid of my plantar fasciitis for a while. My doc claims that it give some protection against colon cancer later on.
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Thanks pasobuff and outlier. Is there any side effects?
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I tried it for about 6 months. It did absolutely nothing for me that I noticed but definately no side effects. I think the worst part of it was taking 4 pills, four times a day. Switched to Apriso and seems to be helping with no side effects and only 4 pills once a day makes it a lot easier to remember to take.
Good luck

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Asacol (didn't help)
Imuran (never vomited so much in my life)
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Flagyl (still when needed)
Cipro (almost always with Flagyl)
Percocet (as needed)

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I am taking it and have no problem so far. as for there being to many pills, I just take all 12 in the morning
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Yes!! I've been on it for 18 years now lol

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My daughter takes it and they pass right through her. Found the whole tablet not just the shell in her BMs all the time. It only works if you can maintain a pH of 7 or more in the colon.
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Hi Dogluv,
I've been taking Asacol for 8 years and haven't experienced any side effects. I've been taking it with combinations of other meds, though, so I can't speak much to its effectiveness.
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