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It's been a long go..

I'm had Crohn's since I was a junior in high school. I'm now 56. I grew up in a very small town in Oklahoma and the family doctor had not seen Crohn's and was unable to diagnose it. It was finally diagnosed by a surgeon when I was almost completely blocked.

Since then I have had at least 5 resections, a temporary colostomy, rectal abcesses and fistulas, a severe case of anema related to surgery, and possibly the worst - kidney stones. Right now, I don't think that there are many symptoms of Crohn's that I not experienced. It's deeply scared me emotionally and physically. I've lost friends because of my illness related mood swings and I'm been timid to reach out to new possibilities.

The one thing that I decided after my first surgery was that I would die before I let Crohn's kill me. My doctor says that I'm a survivor. There have been times, when things were really, really bad that I could not imagine how it could possibly get worse. However, the Crohn's suprised me and did just that.

But, in the past few years things have seem to mellow out a bit. I haven't had any emergency room visits in a few years and when I do have symptoms of a flare, they're not as bad as they once were and are more manageable. They say that adversity can make a person stronger. Well, anyone who can live with Crohn's and in a very dark moment not contemplate ODing on the Vicodin must be very strong indeed.
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D Bergy
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After all you have been though, I am sure you have lots of information to share with those of us that are relatively new to this.

I admire your stubbornness. I am not about to let this control my life if there is anything I can do to stop it. I firmly believe there is some way to halt the destruction of this disease but finding what may take quite some time.

I hope you continue to feel better with age. I did not have symptoms until about three years ago so I am not sure what I am in for.

Best Regards

D Bergy
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Welcome to the forum bayguy13.

As someone who is relatively new to this disease, it is always great to see someone who has battled it for so long and is being able to control it. I am so glad that you now find your symptoms to be under control and hope you are able to share some of your knowledge with all of us.

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