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I'm new to this world, and I have to say it's VERY reassuring to read that many of you have demanding jobs! I taught elementary music for 10 years and am now directing a high school choral program at a very large high school in Texas. High school Choral Music in Texas is very demanding, but I absolutely love what I do and I have been worried about losing my ability to work.

I'm thankful for this thread!
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I'm a hairstylist, so I am on my feet all day, which has been terrible for me in the past when I was at my worst. But my boss is very understanding, even before I had a diagnosis. I was jut diagnosed, however, so I haven't even started treatment! I'm looking forward to it though because I still have abdominal pain every day. Some day are worse than others.
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Wow! I worked as a housekeeper . in Two nursing homes. I find patients working around sick and old people . I clean hotels. and schools. Now on SSI because of my health . I want to help but cannot commit afraid of my crohns acting up. But i'm looking. in the meantime I feel I can help others here!!
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I'm a nursing student, soon to be BSN RN, I currently work at the hospital as a PCA/PSA. Anybody else in nursing field? I'm nervous once I'm an actual RN it will be a bit tough with CD.
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Allison M
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I was an RN. I'm retired now though. I'm sure it will be challenging, but at least they will be more aware of your predicament, I hope! Good luck to you.
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Welding instructor. I did repair and metal fabrication for a number of years but just couldn't keep up. What else to do people in a trade do when they can't "work" anymore?... go into education. Been doing it for five years now. Eh... it's okay, but I really miss building and fixing things daily.
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i'm a pharmacy student and i work in a rite aid!! i love it. you'd be surprised how many people out there have the same problems/take the same meds as us
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I'm an electronics engineer, currently designing equipment for radiotherapy treatment of cancer (Linear Accelerators - look up Elekta on google). Luckily, I car share, so the drive to work is every other week, so I sleep (helps the fatigue). My current employer lets me work from home 1 day a week, which is a massive help, but I still clock up over 40 hours a week.
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...and order (chung chung)
Ulcerative colitis

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Welcome to the forum, ElRey!
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ElRey, do you practice law, or are you in law enforcement? I'm an attorney, and sometimes it is super hard when I'm sick to make my deadlines.
Crohn's Sucks!
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I am a legal transcriptionist, which means that I listen to audio files of claims adjusters interviewing people who have gotten into car accidents, had their homes broken into, etc., and type every word I hear. It can be incredibly boring as I type for eight hours a day and my pay is based on production, but from time to time, I do get to hear a ridiculous story.
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I'm a Game Designer. I spend my days coming up with ideas and mechanics for video games for mobile devices (iOS and Android). As Lead Game Designer I need to manage the game design team, and also make sure that the artists and programmers do not deviate from my vision for the game.
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Hi I'm new to this, soon to return to work. I'm an occupational therapist in a hospital very nervous about returning but after reading all your comments slightly more reassured. How do you cope on your feet all day some evenings now(whilst not working) I can hardly walk what's it going to be like when I do.

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I am a writer, actor and director. Having a career that is just as unstable and unpredictable as IBD sometimes, and it can be very difficult. I have had to pull back on my acting while I've had chronic active disease, but writing (I write mainly for film and theatre) is good because it can be flexible and I can work hours to fit around how I am feeling.
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Hi, I'm a bar manager, I work 11 hour shifts until 6/7am and I don't sit down for the whole shift. At the moment it's really making me exhausted! Love seeing the interesting jobs people do!
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I retired from the secret service worked 12 hour days and nights 7 days a week. When I retired I started my own company that uses Border Collies to chase off unwanted wildlife from properties. thinking back, 12 hours a day would be part-time. lol As I am sure most of you who travel. I have every available restroom located just incase.
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I was diagnosed in my second year of student nursing and despite being in and out of hospital I am now coming to the end of my course and will be a qualified nurse from August 2014! However this has only been possible thanks to the support of my university and placement trust. Luckily most jobs are very supportive and helpful when it come to having a long term condition.

I hope you still manage to do something you enjoy!
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I am an attorney!
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I'm an R.N. lol, but now I work in a greenhouse.
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I am a dreaded Unemployment Tax Auditor for the State of Utah.
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I work two jobs. I am a childcare practitioner that works with children aged 2years-12years and i also work with additional needs children. My jobs are challenging but i enjoy them very much.

Diagnosis: Ulcerative Colitis March 14
Current medication: Waiting on new medication & Omeprazole
Previous medication: Prednisolone, Pentasa & Salofalk
Currently in a flare
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I'm currently a student, and am on that lovely journey of hunting for a job.
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Unrelated Medication: 36mg Concerta, 75mg Pregabalin
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I am a computer help desk analyst so I deal with a lot of people. The job is stressful which I don't think is helping the crohn's at all. I'm thinking I might need to find a new job so my stress level isn't so high
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I went to school for and currently work in the film industry. It's a great industry to work in, just depends what you are doing. I currently work at a commercial production company where we have normal 8 hour days and good flexibility to work at home if necessary. However I used to work on movie sets that would require 16 hour days (this was before I was diagnosed with Crohn's) but unless I'm flaring up I don't see why I couldn't make even the longest days on my feet work.

I'm actually looking into going back to school to become a nutritionist. Since being diagnosed a little over a year ago I have become very interested in healing through diet. Working as a nutritionist will allow me flexibility and also an understanding of how to maintain digestive issues, I can't wait!
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I'm a Braille Transcriber! I transcribe school textbooks into braille for blind children.
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I wish I still worked. I retired at age 55. The stress of taking public transportation every day w was too much on my body. I had considered a part time job but I don't know if I am staying in this area.
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I am a professor. I would have left probably by now but the winter and summers off have been really good to me to help me heal.
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I am unemployed now but I am going to school to be a paralegal
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Asacol HD

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