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I think all of us here NEED a good plumber! Nice choice!
Ulcerative colitis

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i used to be a funeral director but now training to be a plumber as i was dismissed by my employer because my crohn got in the way of my work
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Colifoam Enemas Prednisolone Azathioprine

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6 Mecaptopurine
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As of now I'm a college student at LSU, working towards becoming a journalist.
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I'm a statistician, currently working for a large cancer research charity.
Symptoms from the age of 12. Mis-diagnosed with UC at the age of 13, and later diagnosed with Crohn's in January 2012 at 24 years old. Disease mainly in terminal ileum.

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Azathioprine, Allopurinol, Calcichew D3-Forte, Fortijuice, Alendronic acid, Ranitidine

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Augmentin, Doxycycline, Lansoprazole, Asacol, Pentasa, Prednisolone, Entocort, Cipro, Flagyl, Elemental Extra 028
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A college student...and want to start a my own chain of restaurants. right now working with a web designing company making theme based simple websites for small business and indioviduals for their blogs and online business. So any wants to geta blogsite for themselves then please contact me...big discount for my fellow crohns members
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Crohn's since Jan 2011.

No meds.
Diet as per ayurveda.
Vitamin D and B12 shots.
Currently experimenting with Probiotics, starting 2016.
And a large joint mad family, thus stress cant touch me.
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I work in a call centre =) I do enjoy it mostly I must admit =)

How do you handle your job during a flare? I work in a call center and find it difficult when I'm worried about getting off the phone to use the restroom!
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Hello everybody ,
I am the Head of Purchasing Department in one of the biggest chemical plants in Eastern Europe . My job is very stressful , i have a lot of meetings , dinners with Suppliers , flying abroad etc. My main part in this job is negotiation and i have 24 people under me that i have to coordinate . Until now i had bad episodes only at 2 years , so it didn`t affect my job very much ( being dx with UC in 2008, Crohn in 2010 , UC in 2011 , until now they are not sure what i have ) . Now, the company is having a very bad time, under privatization and i am considering moving to the United Kingdom where my fiance lives. I work generally from 8 to 4, but most times i stay until 6 or 7. I also go to the gym twice a week, and every evening i take long walks with my german shepard . So, my life is pretty full. Now i am having a bad time and my managers not only understand me but they insist to take time off as long as i need and moreover, they speak with specialists all the time and send me to them . If the company will close, i will be very disappointed as i love my career and the people there.
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I am a licensed cosmetologist w/ certifications in Microdermabrasion and full body massage. I am currently unemployed due to frequent hospital stays this year and waiting for disability. Hairdressing is a hard job with this disease, as you are on your feet and very active while working, but I love it and hope I can do it again in the future.
Crohn's patient since December 1997 (age 12)

Currently taking
: Omneprazole, Humira, Celexa, Flaxyl, Tramadol, Phenergan.

Past meds: Remicade, 6MP, Nexium, Protonix, Methotrexate.
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I'm a med student, hoping to specialize in GI or surgery (I'm the administrator of the surgery interest group in the faculty). I'm however starting to think more seriously about becoming a GI.
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I'm a Senior Vice President over a Data Quality Group in a large global bank. I manage 13 direct reports. Generally I spend 10-12 hours at the office and usually all of that is on conference calls that are often double and triple booked. Even taking an hour out of my day is very difficult and there is zero tolerance for anything interfering with work (although that's not the official line, that is the reality). I do have horrendous pain and inflammation, but thankfully I don't have to run to the bathroom constantly because I would be out of a job in no time. I've been completely stressed out just over the four doctor appointments I've had. I have to keep my job or I'm not going to be able to afford to pay for my house, car and the doctors. So I understand how the people here feel who lost their job due to this. I had a friend that lost hers due to her CD and I've been worried since the diagnosis that it can happen to me.
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I am a Speech-Language Therapist/Pathologist who works for the Ministry of Education. I work with around 40 children ranging from 3 - 8 years. I love my job but sometimes its hard finding the motivation and energy to do it. I have lovely workmates and boss :0) *knock wood*
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I finished school in May and I job a job yesterday!! I will be working as an, Oncology Data Analyst, for the cancer survillence of southeast Michigan.

[SIZE="1"]Crohn's Disease and IBS
Diagnosed: 2001(symptoms for 22 years prior)
Currently on:
Desipramine for IBS, Norco for pain
Surgery: Small bowel strictureplasty 02/19/11 and 11/17/11, then a small bowel resection 4/6/12, Hemicolectomy 9/2016
Multivitamins & Vitamin D3
Imuran (azathioprine)= Pancreatitis
Entocort EC (Budesonide) and medical adhesives = Rash
Humira=numb feet & hands
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Do you feel that there could be more coaching and support from a medical perspective about jobs and careers? It is an area that we are exploring for our patient care program and would love the feedback
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I work as an environmental health and safety inspector and hazardous material removal project manager, mostly dealing with locating and removing asbestos and molds from public buildings. The inspections are getting hard for me because of my joint pain and some building I have to go into are shut down with no A/C, so very hot and that messes with me really bad now days.
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I am a medical sales rep in orthopaedics. i go into ORs and help surgeons and the staff do the total hip and total knee surgery.

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I'm currently a student at UTSA. For the summer I'm an IT intern at Tesoro.
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This is so interesting and everyones different jobs, for my 2 cents worth im a clinical coder in a large teaching hospital in QLD Australia. I read everyones charts when theyare discharged from hospital and there is a code for every disease and operation and components of operations, at the end after reading through that patients record/admission i have coded the principle diagnosis and additional dx and the procedures if any then it gives you 1 code (DRG) at the end, that determines the funding for the hospital and length of stay for that particular disease(so for example if someone comes in with a broken arm goes to OThas it repaired and they were in hospital for 5 days and the DRG is only for a 2 day stay if there is nothing else to explain why that patient was in for 5 days the hospital will only get paid for the 2 days so it is important for the Dr's and nurses to document all that happens during that patients stay and what elsr was treated (eg UTI) and it also is how WHO collect all the data on how many people have cancer and what sort and how many people smoke or are ex smokers ect ect ect it just goes on. So there u go everyone. Has everyone gone to sleep now ))) or any other coders out there
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I'm a software engineer. Mainly working on the orthopaedics software for knee and hip replacements.
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I'm a 3rd/4th grade Special Education Teacher.
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I used to be an occupational therapist in various public schools. Then I chose to stay home with my little boys. However I am in the process of divorcing and my youngest just started preschool so in theory I'd like to go back, but can't at the moment due to my crohn's. Hopefully in the future.
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I actually just changed professions because of Crohn's. I was a college professor so I was always on the go and in class. Lots of stress and not good for me. I now have a consulting job in a small law office. Very comfortable environment with a good boss and a bathroom close by. It makes a big difference.
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Billk78 - seems as though you have found the perfect answer job wise - sounds great!
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I am graduate Electrical and Instrumentation Engineer at a paper pulp mill
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I am a retired teacher, who for the sake of sanity in retirement, drives buses around and about my home town and take charter groups in large buses to other parts of the country that I live took me 59 years to leave school and find a proper job goes the saying...each day is different, so having much fun sharing my day with lots and lots of people...and no stress!!! LOL......................
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I do a lot! I'm a graphic designer by trade, But I get to work from home part time, so it's a good job for me. I also have a side business making working dog gear from home. is my website. I do photography on the side for an advertising agency mostly food photography. I'm also a part of an art gallery, I enjoy oil painting and water color. I'm also a mom of 2, and a Search and Rescue K9 handler. I think being so busy with everything going on in my life, contributed to my Crohn's.
Diagnosed with Crohn's June 2012
Mother of 2, Bonsai artist, oil painter
Search and Rescue K9 handler
Graphic Designer
immune to Remicade
currently in remission
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Been working at the same company for over 20 years now.
Ran a CNC Punch (Finn Power and a Finn C-5)press for most of that time.
Then about 4 years ago I got asked if I wanted to start programming full time, I had been fixing and making programs for some time.
SO I jumped at that, in the office, in the AC, close to the bathroom.
Still doing that, making programs for the 2 laser and 3 punch presses.
I tend to take care of the 2 biggest customers that we have.
They sure have been good about me having Chron's so I guess I am really lucky about that.
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I was working at a job that I truly loved as I was crossed trained to cover for vacations. I did medicaid billing, ER billing, no fault/workers comp billing, worked in the collections dept. auditing accts. that had summons & complaints against them, and reviewing accts.when patients filed for bankruptcy,and handled phone calls from patients.

I had to give it up when my Crohn's flared up badly and I had my 4th DVT. It was THE BEST job because there were 2 women who had IBD as well and my immediate supervisor and office manager were extremely supportive of me when I was hospitalized or had to take a few months off when I flared. I miss the hustle and bustle of keeping busy sometimes.
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I am in IT and would highly recommend this field. I am able to telecommute f/t from my home office. I go into the office for meetings but that is about it. If you like technology then the IT field may be for you. My restroom is literally just 5 feet away from my office! In the IT field there are customer response positions, web design, business analyst (my position), project managers, and so on, lots of directions you can go in IT.
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LivinglifewithCrohn's - To do your job - did you get a degree in Computer Science? Is it relatively easy to find something in this field that you can do from home, or are you an exception?

Thank you.
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I have an undergrad degree and a master's degree but neither in computer science. I would say that if you have strong customer skills and are a computer oriented type of person that a helpdesk position would be the easiest for you to get. Our helpdesk staff telecommute pretty much f/t but do go into the office once a month. I have been working for 30 years so I have a lot of experience and had been in a non-IT managerial role where I was involved heavily with our quality improvement process and led several process improvement initiatives. Because I had strong communication skills and project management skills they (the IT folks) gave me a chance, feeling that I could pick up the IT specific piece and I have. Hope that helps.

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