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Dx'ed but not normal...

Hello, I am new to this site and after reading many posts, I felt I should introduce myself and share my story.
After 1.5 years of bloody stools and scopes up & down... my "gasto" tells me that she does not know why there is inflamation near my appendix...but go have them taken out. I schedule with a surgeon, and when he came by to discuss my surgery (since my blood count was fine and I did not have pain or fever, he was concerned) he asked many questions and then asked if I would submit to a barium xray...after descibing the test, I said yep. So off to drink the great shake, WOW they saw the narrowing of my intestinges and he diagnosed me with Crohn's........a surgeon, not a gastro!!! So I immediately changed gastro, got one that is affiliated with CCFA, hoping that he was more up to speed with treatments.
Got started with Sulfasalazine and Pred...found out I am alergic to sulfa!!! Had to change to Pentasa...4 tablets 4 times a day!!! Did that for a while, and made mistakes that many of us do, felt better so quit taking meds... Did pretty well for a while...just numerous watery stools, but I could deal with that...
Then had flare, doctor said more drugs or resection surgery so that I could have one more child...I knew that the surgery would not cure Crohn's but it has kept it away for a long time. Had healthy baby boy in 1998...since then have usually 7-10 loose stools a day. And I am constantly gaining weight! I am 5'8" and weight 325#...I have doubled since my surgery in 1997. That is the one thing that confuses me and everyone I talk to...I have steadily gained every year...any ideas? I do not eat chocolate or desserts, I do not drink pop...I am very bad about drinking tea...I drink 6-8 glasses per day of it. I am looking for ideas and advice...anyone else so overweight but not caused by drugs...I ave not had any meds since surgery...
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Cara Fusinato
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Welcome. I too had a surgeon discover the Crohn's. He suspected it but took out the appendix anyway due to intense sensitivity and fever. He found some really lovely symptoms of Crohn's on the outside of the intestines and then narrowings through the Barium test.

I am also someone who needs to lose weight. It's confusing as Crohn's sure isn't skinny-ing me down like they all said it would. Diet, exercise, none of it helps. I'm not on meds, either, instead using some natural approaches to staying stable.

Welcome and know that at least one member out here is in precisely the same boat as you are.
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Here I was arguing with friends and family and doctors...each telling me to exercise and eat right!!! And I still would not loose weight...
One would think after reading about Crohns...and using the stool as much as I do...That I would be needing to gain weight!!!
I always liked to be different LOL
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Nancy Lee
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Hello and welcome to the forum!

I too have the problem of weight gain.
Since being released from hospital after I was diagnosed, 10 years ago,
I think I must have gained about 30-40 pounds and I'm still going up!

Of course I was like a rake when released from hospital, but still......

I don't get it either....
People ask how I gain weight when I eat such small portions,
and I eat properly.

I hope you make a lot of new friends and enjoy your time here.

Welcoming hugs~Nancy
Diagnosed Crohn's & Colitis-January 1997.


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D Bergy
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My wife has tried to lose weight lately so I told her to eat more meat and the fat with it and the problem will take care of itself. I based this on my personal observations involving farm animals and my own diet.

I have always ate much more meat than is recommended. I never paid any attention to my diet and I never got fat. That is until I started eating more carbs such as donuts, bagels, and more sugar. Then I gained weight quickly. So all I would do is cut out the carbs and increase the meat. I would lose weight automatically. Actually when you eat more meat you really do not get as hungry so you do not eat as much of the other stuff.

When farmers try to fatten whatever animal they intend to slaughter, they feed it carbohydrates in the form of grain. With pigs they feed them leftover sweet rolls any kind of leftover human food and they get fat. One thing that will not make them fat is meat.

There is an interesting Crohn's diet based on this premise. It may be completely bogus but I do believe that more meat in the diet will help anyone lose weight.

I will list the site, but do not know if it holds water. It is interesting reading. Since it is a religious site I distrust it more than usual. Use your own judgment.

Besides, I do not think everyone is designed to be skinny. I am glad I was not when I could not eat hardly anything. The extra weight kept me alive until I could get my diagnosis. If I would have been model weight, I would have been in big trouble.

Good Luck

D Bergy

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