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Five weeks on LDN

Hello everyone. I'm on my fifth week of LDN and I'm slowly getting better. My stools are consistently becoming more formed. I still have quite a way to go, but I'll take any improvement. My fistula keeps improving slowly. It stills leaks, but it's less and less everyday. The blood is still present sometimes, but not that often anymore. I still go a few times a day, but its not that urgent anymore. Which is a huge relief considering before when I got an urge I had two minutes max to find a bathroom. I don't have any trouble sleeping on it and I don't have any more vivid dreams. I kind of miss them though to be honest. So I still have good news and nothing negative to report. Hopefully I can report back next week with more improvements. Have a great day : ) Maybe I should just start a single thread called LDN updates...
21 year old student at Kent State University. Born in NJ lived in Bosnia for 6 years.
Diagnosed in 2003 at the age of 13 with UC. 2011 Diagnosis changed to Crohn's Colitis.
Had a few remicade infusions. saved my colon. Ineffective now.
Currently taking eight pills a day- Sulfasalazine. Flaring up moderately.
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The same BosnianBoy from the Healingwell forums, yes? Good to see that the LDN is starting to work, I remember reading a thread of yours a few months back and you weren't in the best of shape.

Good luck, buddy. : )
28 y/o male from Dublin, Ireland, Dx with Crohn's Colitis in January 09.

Current Meds: Remicade, Imuran.

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