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Diagnosed at 24.

Good morning everyone,

Last week I first found this forum and posted for some information under Treatments regarding some treatments my GI had put me on. At the time I had not been officially diagnosed with Crohn's, but had a clinical diagnosis. By the end of Friday of last week, I ended up in the E.R. with a fever and severe abdominal pain. After blood tests, x-rays, CT scan, they immediately did a procedure to put a catheter in an abcess in my abdomen.

The doc said I had two options, medicinally treating it by the catheter and antibiotics, or surgery to remove the affected part. Being young, I want to keep surgery as a last option. Therefore, they took care of it that way. I got out of the hospital last night. I am on metronidazole and levaquin for antibiotics and also a liquid nutrition drink especially for crohn's patients which I can't recall at the time.

I've never been hospitalized before, so nearly a week in the hospital was quite the experience for me.

I have Crohn's. It feels weird to say that, I know they always say these things happen to other people. It's not so much that I feel that way, but I'm so used to doctors not having answers to what ails me that having a resolution is strange.

I have a 4 year old daughter, a great job, and I expect to live a full life, I'd like to stay connected with you guys to see how we can help each other.


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Well, Dan- I too was just diagnosed- last night the Dr. called me to confirm- I am a Crohnie. I cried my eyes out- esp. after reading this forum and all the pain and problems everyone is having.

I just have to have a good attititude about my diet and meds, and try to keep it under control I guess.

Good Luck to you- and try Probiotics- read that section of this forum to find out why!
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D Bergy
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Sorry you both had the dreaded diagnosis of Crohn's. But, it could have been cancer or something worse so it is not all bad news. (Half full or half empty).

I am glad you found this site. All good people here that are always willing to help if they can. I enjoy this site more than any other forum I have belonged to and it is just because of the great people.

D Bergy
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Welcome Dan and Lody,

I am sorry both of you have been diagnosed, but as you said Dan, it is better to finally have an answer from a doctor then to continue not knowing what is wrong.

Your life can still be very full with Crohn's though Dan. I can understand why Lody felt upset when getting the diagnosis, but this forum is often a place for us to vent or talk about only the more severe symptoms. When we are feeling good and are not being bothered about Crohn's, we do not have many questions to ask a forum devoted to IBD... right?

I had surgery last year and have been 100% healthy since then. Some people never need surgery and some people require multiple surgeries, but for the most part this disease can be under control. It is different for everyone, but that should not stop you from believing your life can not continue as you want it to with the disease.

It definately feels weird to say you have Crohn's initially. But you will see how in not too much time it will not feel weird to think you have Crohn's. It will not become a big deal to the people around you (you are still the same "normal" person) so do not let it affect how you feel about yourself.
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Cara Fusinato
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I was in your place a year ago. I thought I am too young for this and why me and I cried and cried. However, a year later, I have found a way to manage quite successfully. I have nearly no symptoms, I haven't had to have surgery, and I can truly find things in life to enjoy. I encourage Dan and Lody, both of you, to work with your health professionals, educate yourselves, find natural suppliments to help as well, and stay strong. When I first researched, I only heard of the pain and the surgeries and I felt so lost. When Mike found me and invited me to the board -- back when we had less than 400 members -- it really really helped. Having a community of support, information, and friendship from all our members has been a tremendous boost. Feel free to talk to us and ask questions and vent. We are your community and we can help you through this until you find your way with your body and your illness. We have lots of successful people here, and hopefully you will become one too.
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Being in the same "boat" i was diagnosed 2 months ago and as my mum has crohns it still hasnt really hit me if you know what i mean. i mean i know i have this thing for the rest of my life and all but i really havent had much done in the last 2 months to think that im ill. (though im thinking i may have a mini flare up going on as i have a terrible burning sensation but thats for another post). ive cried as i didnt get to finish my a levels id been workin so hard for and losing most my friends. this disease has really showed me who actually cares about me which im glad in a way but sad as i have lost many friends who just couldnt be bothered to visit me in hospital or see me at home when i was weak. i think it will hit me when i see the consultant at me hosp and see what meds etc.. hes going to put me on because at the moment im only surviving on predisole 5mg. im hurting very bad. trying codiene phsophate which did make me very nauseated but feeling ok so far...
ive found the forum wonderful to just blabble on about things, hope i dont do it too much though
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I got my hospital bill...

my god.
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hey vikkytoria, i know what ya mean about who cares about you.during the 6 months that it took to diagnose me, i was in hospital twice and only my family visited me. Whislt at home only 2 ppl came to see me, one actually bothered to travel over and hour to mine, but other than that none of my "friends" came to see me, or at least ask how things were going.
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Hi Dan and Vikktoria and other young members newly diagnosed. I had 3 resections and lost a lot of small intestine when I was young, (this was long ago in 1958) when the medics didnt really know about Crohn's, so at that time I wasn't put on any drugs.

I got by Ok but had diarreah for years until codeine phosphate came along then immodium and now of course a whole lot of drugs specifically for Crohn's.
Just so you can take heart I've done lot of things and had a full and active life and hope to get some more done!
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Nancy Lee
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Hi Dan & Lody!
Sorry I'm late putting the welcome mat out..
but I'm glad you found your way here.

Any questions ask away..
someone is usually close at hand with a possible answer.

Once again~welcome!
Healing hugs~Nancy
Diagnosed Crohn's & Colitis-January 1997.


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Hey Welcome to you both... And, if the saying that misery loves company is true, then you know what you must do? Never spend the night at misery's house alone..

OK, seriously for a moment.. the prospect of having this when you're young is really frightening.. My youngest may be showing early signs. And I can tell you personally, it's no picnic for us over the hill crowd either. Just try to keep a 'smile' in your heart.

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