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Purple Gloves Anyone?

Just sitting here thinking and lo and behold purple gloves popped into my head!

When Matt was in hospital and the staff were administering his Imuran they wore the purple "chemo" gloves. BUT the thing is you had to be trained to wear the purple chemo gloves, you couldn't just don the gloves and pop the pill out of the packet. If you weren't trained you had to go and get a staff member that was trained in the secret ways of the purple gloves.
Okay I know this training would cover the administration of all chemo drugs but I couldn't help but laugh at it considering you could pop the Imuran tab into a pill cup without even coming into contact with it.

I asked for a pair purple gloves......after all I often handle Matt's pills and only have plain coloured ones at home so I could be at risk. Of course I said this tongue in cheek but she took it seriously and went and got me a pair! When she brought them back I said, but I'm not trained in the wearing of the purple gloves, what am I to do? She went away and upon her return told me that she had discussed it with the intern and because I was only handling the one type of tablet it should be alright. I then told her I was now nervous about giving Matt his Imuran because I now had the purple gloves but not the knowledge to go along with them. Poor thing didn't know what to say then!
Had to tell her it would be alright, on second thoughts I'm sure I could handle it fine.

So when you receive your "chemo" tabs in hospital do you see the purple gloves looming large?

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OMG that is TOO FUNNY!!!.....over here, purple gloves are a 'norm' - they are 'Purple Nitrile' - aka Latex Free....

I'm pretty sure hospitals take extra precautions- remember they are handling meds for a multitude of people, and don't want to get hte exposure and possible cross-contamination from one patient to another.

Special training....roflmao!.....umm.....this is how you put them on.....and take them off......

Sorry - after having worked in the medical field, and been to a myriad of hospitals - that is a NEW ONE!!!

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do you really need to wear gloves when handling azathioprine/imuran?!

i've been on it for 5 months, and no-one has ever told me that! i've been handling them without gloves for months! (mum too!)
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Dusty!! You're scaring people now! I think the dentists have access to purple gloves that are grape flavored!! Hmm, I wonder what else they use that for??
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Yikes! Sorry Joshua!

The hospital would have done it because it was protocol. The Imuran would have been flagged as a chemo drug so the purple glove protocol would have been put into practice.

I don't wear gloves when I handle Matt's Imuran and neither does he.

The chemo drug protocol would primarily be targeted at IV or topical administration of drugs. Liquids and creams are easily absorbed though the skin.

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The is caught my attention because Scott uses purple gloves in his line of work with The U.S. Department of Homeland Security.
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