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Healing from drained anal abscess....

My 20-year-old son had a perianal abscess drained in the ER today. We both have Crohn's disease and this was the first experience with this for either one of us. It is on the right buttock cheek, not immediately next to rectum.

We thought it was a rash after spending a week at the beach. I looked at it Saturday and saw that it was very red, hot and hard to the touch. I took him straight to an after-hours clinic, they diagnosed him with the perianal abscess and gave him a 600 mg shot of clindomysin, scripts for flagyl & bactrim, and ibuprofen 600 mg 3 x a day! She recommended contacting GI doc over weekend. Called yesterday on-call doc as I saw that the abscess was forming a head. They said to go to ER at 6 am today and colorectal surgeon would drain it.

So we did and they packed it with the little string which I have to change daily.

He has a script for vicodin and we are to follow up with colorectal surgeon's office in a week.....

So what tips or extra steps can you give me to help him heal from this asap? The doc said he didn't think the colon is involved at all at this point. I want to do everything we can to prevent further issues, like a fistula.

He is to take the rest of the 10-day course of antibiotics and his usual Entocort (3 mg/day) and Pentasa (500 mg 3/day). I'm also planning on giving him zinc, vitamins A, C (antioxidents) as well as a B Complex.

Any other suggestions?? Many thanks in advance!!
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20-yr-old son diagnosed 2010, on Entocort, Pentasa, Azathioprine, Cipro; now dealing with perianal abscess
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Has it been suggested to have daily salt baths too aid healing.
I used to have 2 salt baths a day when i went through 18 months of having 5 abs's & 2 fistulas.
I dearly hope that things improve for you.
When i went through that period no Dr even suggested Crohn's despite 7 operations.I'd never heard of it back then (22 years ago).
I hope this is the last problem you have to cope with and your health improves.

Best Wishes

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