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Methotrexate and severe infection HELP

Hey all

I need help. I am now in the UK, well Wales to be exact. I had to do my mthx jab in transit at Singapore. I also caught an infection from the first flight. I have had two trips to a hospital here all ready and have a severe infection (nose; tonsils; larynx; and chest). I am taking 8 antibiotics a day 250mg x 2 4 times a day. Erothomicin tablets. The hospital staff have been great - but I have been so sick with this infection. It is the first one I have had on mthx. Has anyone else had severe infections? What do you do? My asthma went bad but they don't put me on steriods cause of my diabetes. I have been resting and if I walk for more than 10 minutes I am stuffed. Not good when you are on holiday. My throat is so raw - it's not doing my GORD and LERD any good. My cough is chesty and flemy still after 4 days of antibiotics.

What are the risks of severe infections? Do I still take my next jab on Friday I caught this really early and I am so sick with it. I would hate to think what would happen if I had left it until Monday. My first hospital trip was Saturday.

By the way the seagulls in Wales sound like cats fighting?? go figure
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I had a pneumonia before and was given antibiotics and an inhaler with a steroid I believe (don't recall the name of it but I guess if you can't take steroids then it may not matter) and took Tylenol (took 2, 200mg tabs) and Advil (took 3-4, 200mg tabs) together to help with the pain and fever (kills throat pain for sure). I've never had a problem with nsaids but many people say to stay away from them so if you can't tolerate it then maybe you could get a script for something else. For the stuffed up nose my doc has prescribed Flonase which worked well (I prefer Afrin but he told me to stay away from the stuff but how can you stay away from something that helps you breathe almost instantly? :P)

Sometimes antibiotics don't fully take away all of your symptoms so its hard to tell if they are even working. Try to get as much rest and fluids as you can. Wonder if you could rent a wheelchair and get pushed around to save some of your energy. :P I'd doing it cause being sick sucks especially when its supposed to be your vacation/holiday. Feel better! Be sure to head back to the hospital if you're coughing up blood or of your symptoms get worse or don't change in a more timely manner.
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I would be inclined not to do the mtx on friday, delay it until you are kicking the infection. Has the duty gastroenterologist seen you, or even a rhuemy - someone who routinely prescribes mtx and therefore well aware of the risks?

Glad your being looked after well!
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Thanks Crabby and Beth

I appreciate your thoughts. I have been a bit worried as I have been taking antibiotics 2 x mg tabs 4 times a day since midday Saturday. While my fever has gone; my nose is a lot clearer I still have a very sore throat and cough up phlem, its mostly clearly but the phlem is light green. So it still looks like some of the infection is still there. I have been concerned about taking my next jab. I have not been seen by any specialist. I will phone the 0800 number on Thursday after hours to see what they say. I am of the opinion that I should not take my jab until I have no green at all. I can't believe that the shopping malls are so big. I went to only one shop today and that was enough for me. I was exhausted. So i have slept all afternoon. I got a headache at midday and it's still here now so I will have a quiet night. Beth, thanks for your thoughts about holding the methx jab.
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I have had (having) severe infections on MTX. I had swollen ganglions and the infection got pretty bad. I was hospitalized for almost a week until I got better. I'm also in a battle against a superbug named MRSA. I've had to take some powerful anti-biotics (the pharmacist thought the dermatologist was crazy for prescribing them to me). I'm pretty stable now, I just hope that I don't get anything crazier. It's like I have a giant arrow floating above my head reading "this kids immune system is down, don't hesitate to take advantage of it"...

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