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Not diagnosed - Need advice before GP!

Well, here's my story so far!

Back in 2003 I had a son, age 21. Prior to this I wasn't aware of any discomfort really. Almost immediately after his birth I started experiencing pinching pains in my abdomen. Numerous trips to the GP followed. I was told it was just pain after the birth and would subside, then it was a lazy ovary, then it was ovulation pain, then it was IBS, then it was endometriosis.....This is over a period of about two years which I spent most nights in agonising pain! I also noticed my limbs were feeling achy and I was really tired. I had a bad, bad episode of what was diagnosed to be gastroenteritis(sp?) about 6 months after he was born as well, it was awful.

About 18 months ago I decided to get private allergy testing done - at this stage desperate to get some clue whats wrong with me!! Years of excrutiating pain and no meds were helping. It says I need to avoid cows milk, gluten and various other small things. So, I cut these things out of my diet and start feeling a little better, still a few small twinges but not half as bad as I used to experience.

Cut to now, I think I'm having a flare up again. Loose tummy, aching, aching joints and limbs, tiredness and sore throat. Also got little red bumps over my skin? Just out of the blue I was talking to my Dad about it and he says 'sounds like what I have, Crohns' He's never mentioned he had it before!!

Do you think it could be Crohns? I just hope after so many years and a laparoscopy and different meds I can go to my GP and say, hey, what about this?!

Thanks for listening.
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You have alot of the symptoms of Crohns. Has your doctor ever given you an Endoscopy or a Colonoscopy? It's the only way to confirm Crohns. If not, then I would get a new doctor. You should of been seeing a Gastrologist long ago.
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old hat
It is possible. Your symptoms are consistent with Crohn's Disease. They are also consistent with some other conditions such as Celiac Disease. There is a blood test to screen for Celiac. I don't know if you have had this test or not. A family history of Crohn's points that way but not definitely.

It is essentially impossible to say anything definite from wht you have said. Diagnosis is usually based on clinical presentation (your symptoms) and several tests. The most indicative tests are (usually) a small bowel x-ray series, a colonoscopy and lab analysis of biopsies/tissue samples taken during the colonoscopy.

As an aside, have you ever been tested for diabetes?
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Hi PPS I agree with old hat... Family history plays a part, but it is a very small part of the equation. Your father having crohns doesn't diagnose you with it. Symptoms are a pointer, but they of themselvves are inconclusive. For a proper diagnosis, you need to be seen by a Gastroenterologist (GI for short). X-rays, bloodwork and the ever popular scope procedures are what you can expect.. Of these, the 'prep' for the colonoscopy is the worst... Just be warned that the day before this procedure you'll start the prep.. and it means you really won't be in a position to do anything else... and the day of, with the anestethic (sp?) they use, you'll need someone to take you there, and bring you back. no driving yourself!!!

The upside? None of these tests are painful, and they'll hopefully give your doc's the inside scoop (OK, pardon the scope pun).. and you should get 'the' diagnosis you've been waiting for. UC, CC, CD or something totally unrelated to any 'IBD'.

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Welcome PPS,

I think (like others have said) that the only way A gastroenterologist will pretty much only be able to cofirm a diagnosis after a scope of some type.

I would recommend seeing if you can have one of these done though, as it can allow for a proper diagnosis to be made.

Good luck and please update us on what happens.

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