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An Update on my Mom

Hey everyone, I haven't been here for a few months. I had posted a while back about my mom and how ill she was with Crohns. She had been in the hospital numerous times, but they then released her and said they couldn't do anything for her. We ended up checking her back into the hospital last week and she got TPN for three days because she only weighs about 55 pounds right now. She was then transferred to a clinic where they are trying to help her. But my family is only allowed to see her once a week for about two hours, so it's really rough right now. I guess I'm just in need of some support and I didn't really know where else to look for it. Plus, I know you guys had asked me to post any updates I here it is.
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Cara Fusinato
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Hang in there. This illness can be rough to get a handle on. Perhaps now that she is in longer-term care they will be able t improve the situation.
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D Bergy
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While it is to early to tell for sure, and I was not planning on saying anything yet, I am responding real well Primal Defense Ultra. Not just me either. There are other here that have got some degree of relief from it. But not everyone.

I hate to make any recommendation for someone so devastated but I would ask the doctor if it would be OK to try it. It sounds like they are out of options anyway. I do believe, based on what little evidence I have so far that it does, in fact kill the Listeria monocytogenes bacteria. I also believe that this bacteria has played a major role in my case of Crohn's. I have lost my loose stool and no longer have the nasty Crohn's smell to my stool since I upped my dose to three capsules a day. This is just in a little over a week of use. I have tried many other methods also with no major results. I am not easily fooled since I have dealt with more than just this disease in my family. As I said before, these are very preliminary results and the whole thing could blow apart for reasons unknown to me now. But, it is all I have.,36749,en.html

This does not mean this is the only irritating bacteria involved but I am fairly sure it is one of them.

I really feel bad for the both of you. It only makes me want to get to the bottom of this disease all the more. This could happen to any one of us at any time, and I think it is important to remember that.

Best Regards

D Bergy
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LindaJG My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your Mom. I hope she turns it around. I'm glad you came back to update us, I hope you find coming here helps. God Bless

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