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Andrea B
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Hi everyone, my name is Andrea and I live in Illinois. I am 35 yrs. old married with two daughters ages 4 and 2. I have had Crohns Disease since 2000. I had a resection surgery in 2003 and only stayed in remission for 1 year. I just saw my doctor in Chicago and he recommends either Humira or Remicade. I am know doing alot of research on both of them. I do not like needles so I don't think Humira is going to be my decision. I just have one question to start out with and I am sure I will have a ton more. If anyone has or is currently doing the remicade treatment can I drive myself to the clinic and back and how about taking care of the children the rest of the day. Thanks for any info given. Have a great day. Andrea
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Welcome. I have not reached the point of taking Humira or Remicade but I'm sure others here can answer your questions.
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old hat
I have been on Remicade for a little while now. I have had three infusions so far.

I always drive myself there and back. I have never had any problems doing so or with activities for the rest of the day. It takes a chunk of time and is rather dull. That's about it for me.
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Andrea B
Thanks for the info. Being bored or it being dull is ok with me since my two little ones never stop going and I'm chasing them. It gives me a break even though it's no fun. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Nancy Lee
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Hello Andrea!
I just wanted to welcome you to the forum!
I'm sure you will meet a lot of people in the same boat
and they will probably come up with a lot of answers to your questions.

Please make yourself at home ..
there's usually someone close at hand.

Welcoming hugs~Nancy
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Hi Andrea.. Welcome to the forum. Haven't had either Humira or Remicade, but since I may have to face the same decision someday, I'll keep my eyes focused on this post to see what my more experienced peers have to say on the subject. Good luck

And again, welcome

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Hi Andrea;
I was on remicade for 3 years and now on a trial for Humera.
With my Remicade treatments, I would also get Benadril and a corizone shot. The benadril made me sleepy for 5-6 hours and operating a car would get you a DUI charge. I would check with your GI doc as to his treatment plan for you.
As for Humera, it is injected via a injection pen once per week. It hardly hurts compared to the IV and takes all of 10 seconds. No other drugs are administered with humera at the time of injection to support it.
What makes Humera better in my mind is that it can be administer at home in seconds, no benadril to make you sleepy, and it contains no mouse anti-bodies like Remicade. (Yep, rodent!!!!)... Anyways, that my 2 cents.. Good luck in your endevers.

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D Bergy
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Welcome to the forum.

Mouse anti-bodies??

Whats up with that.

Makes my experimental treatments look tame by comparison.

D Bergy
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Yeah, I had Remicade too, back when they were telling people that they could only ever get one go at it. The only side effects I saw were these odd whiskers and a tiny little tail...

Seriously, I was working for a hospital when I got the treatment and they let me clock out to go get it done and then clock back in when I was finished. I didn't really have any side effects like lassitude, but then again, they didn't need to give me anything for allergic reaction either. About the second treatment, I had this monsterous stool that circled the bowl and the same on the third treatment and then back to normal. I've heard of people having bad experiences with Remicade, but I really didn't have any. It did make my arm feel cold when it was going in, but I just put a blanket over my arm and sat there and read.
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