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Foods that cause flare ups?

Hi Guys,

Just wondering if any of you have found that specific foods cause flare ups or make your symptoms worse?
I know that it's not caused by the food but are there some types (ie. tomatos, high fiber things) that you have found makes things worse?
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For me that would be shellfish.
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shelfish is fine, and lettuce is the worst for me.
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I dont believe any foods actually cause a flare up, but some may well cause reactions.

Alcohol really gives me a bad reacton but only for 1 day then i take a movicol and im ok.

I can eat most foods
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Peanut Butter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm allergic to all other nuts (tree nuts) but peanut butter. Peanut butter i used to be able to eat but now it takes me to the bathroom and i stay like that for a week or more It helped me gain weight but 3 seperate times it caused issues.
Milk gives me gas and hurts my stomach. Powered and regular. I used to be able to drink that. I loved Milk before colitis. I really do think i have issues with bread too, i avoid it as much as i can. All types of bread.

I had a strong stomach before, I really had no problems with food other then meat slowing me down.
Its not so bad
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Peanut butter is my worst enemy! I eat almond butter instead. I have to make sure it's perfectly creamy, though.

Milk bothers me, too, but I can eat milk products. So for drinking, I like almond milk... especially the dark chocolate kind!
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cabbage, lettuce, corn (if I dare eat it), and grapes
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Lettuce and raw carrots (and I adore carrots ) cause the WORST pain for me, but do not actually cause a flare.
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Hot wings
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I like milk too but I don't think it lieks me
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Milk, fruits, and whole wheat products, oats and corn.but, do eat yogurts and immunizer bio-best and activa and it don't bother me. go figure.
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Salads make me bleed
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I think Fat is worste
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Ground beef...oh my..not good for me.
So far, I find salmon, halibut, tuna and most steamed vegies work well for me.
Always soy milk, can't do regular milk anymore.

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Dairy products do it for me
A good old curry works well for me :-)
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Red fish, apples, too much mash potatoes (breaking my heart ), carrots, chocolate!! Milk.. Some other food may just cause unpleasant wind but they are the foods that make me cripple with pain!!
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Welcome to the forum. May you soon learn what foods work for you.
I have problems with foods with fibre (including most fruits and veggies), dairy, fat, and grains other than rice and quinoa (which is technically a fruit, not a grain). I cook any fruits and veg that I do eat.
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Full cream milk is a no no for me; and cream. I MUST have skim milk. I've tried soy and that's still too heavy on my tummy.

I don't touch peanut butter or peanuts/almonds etc

Legumes, chick peas, baked beans can make me fill ill within minutes of eating them so I steer clear of those.

I should avoid any dish with curry in it.
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I've said no to Methotrexate as it sounds toxic and GI doesn't like using it.
Next stop may be surgery.

Had a major flare last Nov, hospitalised where I haemorrhaged. Ended up in ICU and blood transfusion.

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Hi everyone,,
I would just like to recommend this absolutely wonderful book by Dr David Klein it is called "Self Healing Colitis and Crohn's" ISBN 0-91717526-1-3
This book has done wonders for me. I have had colitis since 2000 and have almost been without symptoms eversince I started to follow Dr Kleins advice!! No meds just healthy food!!
many blessings,,

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