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Success I guess? lol

Hi everyone! I've been around the forum for quite a while now and finally decided that it might be time to post my story in the success sub-forum (I'm hoping I'm not jinxing it!!!).

I was diagnosed in May 2006 with severe Crohn's in my rectum/anus area. Unfortunately, I did research online about the meds available for this disease and I picked the one that really did the least for me - Pentassa. My doctor wanted to start me on Imuran, but I had heard only of the bad side effects, so I chose the one with the least amount of side effects. In September 2009 I decided to heed my doctors advice and I started the Imuran after being in a flare for almost a year (a really bad flare, although at the time I would have told anyone that it was tolerable). Three months later I was in the hospital with a perforated sigmoid colon and distended bowel. I wound up with a permanent stoma - his name is Oscar

For most people, this would be the end of the world. When I was first diagnosed, I swore that I would never be "one of those people". And now I'm glad I am. I got my life back. Don't get me wrong, it was a huge adjustment! But a year and almost 8 months later, I don't even notice it anymore. I started college in the fall of 2010...I take vacations and not worry about where the washrooms pain, no nausea, and no meds!!! I still have yearly colonoscopies, but they're not a problem and it's amusing to see the nurses faces when they tell you roll on your side and I flash Oscar at

I'm loving life again. I have a life again. And it includes a bag. It could be worse

Crohn's Diagnosis: May 2006
Current meds: none
Surgeries: Colostomy, December 2009

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Oscar is awesome! Loving my life with my stoma (with a hint of poo)!!

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Hi Cindy! I always like to hear success stories. I will admit that after having a grandfather who had a colostomy bag, I developed a fear of it. I know that's silly considering I have CD myself. When I mentioned the fear to my dad, he said, "Why should you be afraid of a colostomy bag? After grandpa got his, he felt better than he had in a long time. He felt good! It's a little inconvenience, but in return you'll feel better." I often thought of that conversation, especially when I feel really sick with my CD. Thank you for expressing the positive aspects. Hugs to you and Oscar!
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I love your attitude Cindy!! Always have
Mark, father of EJ

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I've always loved your attitude about it too. I've always been afraid of a stoma but after reading many of your posts on here I stopped being afraid a while back. Would be nice to not have to lay on your side for a scope. I'm always freaking out and looking over my shoulder now to make sure the doc isn't trying to start before I'm fully drugged up (just because of one bad incident). I hope you stay all clear and being off meds is a wonderful thing!
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What an inspiration, thank you for sharing your story.

Diagnosed with Crohn's Disease 2005
At this time have no GI doc and on no meds.
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Wow, I LOVE your attitude about life, Nyx! Right on to you for owning this and making it light. You're post seriously made me smile. :] You are such an inspiration!
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Hi, Cindy!
Do you know, you were the very first person I heard from on this site? I was facing possible surgery and was so flipping scared. Your honest, frank answers to my questions helped so very much. Yes, you and Oscar are a success story!
My heartfelt thanks to you,
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Hey Cindy! I'm so glad to hear how well you're doing! You were such a great encouragement to me when I was freaking out about the warfarin craziness. Congrats about going back to school!!!
IBD diagnosed 1990 @ 8yrs old (current dx: Crohn’s); Blood clots 12/2009 (DVT, bilateral PE)
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HI'm new today and needed to read your message. How wonderful for you - thank you for sharing hope with us.

I just saw "with a hint of poo" - maybe that is the reason my nickname is "pooh" because I'm full of it! Too funny and apropos.

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Hey Cindy you are an amazing person! (we met 1.5 years ago, ) and you are an inspiration to others. So for your reward, go to Timmies and have their new Cinnamon french toast bagel...... it is so good had my first one yesterday! Congrats on being postive...and going back to school!
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Ah Cindy, our ultimate Bag Lady!
We joined at the same time, seems so long ago!
You've done amazing Cindy and I'm no longer afraid of having a stoma, you're my inspiration! In fact, everyone here with a stoma is so inspirational!
Hope your remission lasts forever


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