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Prednisolone while pregnant/ttc - advice?

Hey All,

I'm new to this forum and it's great to be able to read what everyone is going through as feeling a bit clueless. I'm diagnosed since Dec 2010 only and suppose still trying to get to grips with everything. Currently on Pentasa 4mg a day and after a flare up last week, I'm back on Prednisolone for 16 days after just coming off it for about 8 weeks. Not sure where that leaves me. I want to get pregnant - am incredibly lucky and have 2 amazing children (4 yesterday and 18 months) but we really really want a 3rd. Getting myself so freaked out and worried now about trying to get pregnant, being pregnant etc and the 'real' things to worry about.

Basically I'm on steroids since Feb, budesonide at first which didn't really work, wasn't feeling terrible but lower doses of it had me feeling crap so consultant switched me to prednisolone and like magic I felt great - saw him on 5th July when I only had about 6 days left at 5mg a day and I felt brill, see you in October! one week later, major flare up and the pain was absolutely horrendous, like 10 second contractions and just dreadful. back to GP as consultant away and he's put me on a short, sharp dose which I'm in middle of. Feel fine again but not sure where that leaves me. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. part of me thinks - am I steroid dependent? if I am, would it be better to get pregnant as fingers crossed I'll be as lucky as I've always been and deal with any flare ups by prednisolone and then maybe go onto something else after a pregnancy - is that naive? I really don't know. Getting very anxious and worried as I know I'm so lucky with my wonderful daughter and son but I genuinely would be heartbroken if I couldn't have a 3rd. had a miscarriage between my children and although we dealt with it well cos I know it happens so much, I know the pain of it so I'm conscious not to put myself in a situation that I may regret by trying too quickly yet 35 next year and I know it's not that old but all these factors are spinning around my little head!!
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Hey LS25 and welcome

Wow you have had a lot going on recently. Preds works wonders and make you feel great at the time but they are not great for constant long term use. Talk to your GI when he is back, maybe the pentasa isn't working for you and you may need to change meds. Don't think you are pred dependent, just think that your flare is not under control just yet.
There are plenty of meds that can be used safely during pregnancy but if your GI is good he will advise that you are in full remission and healthy enough to carry a pregnancy to term. I know this probably isn't what you want to hear right now but I went through the exact same. Miscarriage in flare, daughter in remission, miscarriage in remission then my second daughter after that. All in my early to mid 30's.
You want to give your 3rd the best start that you possibly can and ensure that you are safe also and if you need preds near end of pregnancy so be it.

I wish you the best of luck and try not to worry.
Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Gwen xxx

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