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Paleo Diet

I am such a big fan of the "Paleo" diet/lifestyle as it has helped me regain my health through its holistic approach to wellness. Highly recommend checking out Mark Sisson or Loren Cordain's cookbooks.
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Yay for paleo!
I started it a year ago, before I realized something was very, very wrong with my belly.
The only thing is that now I can't eat beef, pork, dairy, or nuts (not even coconut milk or almond milk).
Eating some beans sparingly... So right now it's eggs, chicken, potatoes & sweet potatoes and lots and lots of greens.
(just realized that this was posted in july... guess i'm late to the party. How has the diet worked for you so far?)
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Paleo eating has helped my gut health also and I enjoy Mark Sisson and Loren Cordain's writings.

Another sight for paleo information is Tom Naughton's. Kind of sad what he wrote the other day. A 7th grade teacher contacted him about how she was told to teach her students about paleo eating. Apparently hunter gathers were big into growing and eating wheat and other grains. Who knew?

"From The News …"



...Paleo bagel-eaters

Okay, this isn’t exactly a news item, but a reader who happens to be a teacher sent me a copy of the guidelines she was given to teach 7th graders about the Paleolithic era and the “stone-age” diet. Here are some quotes from an assignment for the kiddies:

No one expects you to eat raw mammoth brains, or even thistle, twigs, or your hamster. In fact, many species eaten by early hominids are now extinct. To duplicate the same foods our ancestors ate is almost impossible. Imagine trying to find in the local supermarket such foods as reindeer, fox, caribou, giant sloth, flamingos, bear, catmint, grubs, or quail eggs. Nevertheless, many foods exist that are similar to foods eaten during the Stone Age.

Yup … steaks, organ meats, chicken eggs, chickens, fish, a wide variety of vegetables, fruits …

Approved “Stone Age” foods to eat
• fish and seafood
• small game (e.g., rabbit, chicken)
• bison (buffalo meat)
• seeds and nuts (raw, without salt)
• lots of fruits (including figs)
• lots of vegetables (including beans)
• lots of water (eight to 10 glasses per day)
• whole grains such as barley, bulgar, oat bran, corn bran, rice, millet, buckwheat, and rye
• tubers (potatoes and sweet potatoes)
• small amounts of cereal grains
• pita bread and whole grain breads
• honey—the only sweetener allowed in your Stone Age diet!
• berries
• shoots and roots
• edible leaves and flowers
• lean red meats (sparingly)
• whole wheat bagels and rolls
• rice cakes

Whole grains, cereal grains, rice cakes and bagels – in the STONE AGE?!! Do these goofballs have any idea when farming actually began?

Your goal is to eat an abundance of natural, wholesome food with few or no chemical additives. Keep track of what you eat on the STONE AGE DIET RECORD. Why not do one more thing your ancestors did—exercise by walking or running outside each day. The combination of wholesome, low-fat foods and daily vigorous exercise will make a difference in your life!

Yup, that was life in the stone age: whole-wheat bagels, rice cakes, cereal and other low-fat foods. Those paleo hunters were very concerned about saturated fat and cholesterol....
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ha, gotta laugh at that,

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