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Healthy as a Horse

That is what I overheard when my GI was discussing my case file with his intern a couple of weeks ago. The Intern asked, "And he had ALL these symptoms and complications?"

I have come a long way from being rushed into a CT scan and a team being called in during the middle of the night to pour over what appeared to be a large Tumor-like mass in my abdomen. It was a scary time and I sympathize with everyone who is entering this world of crazy GI issues. We didn't know what was up, just that I was losing the ability to eat, sleep, pee, walk and would not be able to make it without serious intervention.

I have a new lease on life and I feel I earned it for doing my part in all this too. Taking my meds, keeping calm, positive and letting the professionals do their job. This week I just signed a contract at a new job working 12 hrs continental shift rotations. I am as healthy as a horse and feel better and stronger than I have in two decades. Last week I was camping and carried my canoe over two 900 yard portages within 4 hours of each other. A couple of years ago I would have told you I would never be able to camp again but I would have been wrong.

I am sticking with my meds, I eat healthy and I exercise moderately. And I feel very glad to be alive and well. Yes Well. I am living with Crohns and have had a bowel resection and some post surgical complications yet I can say that at this point I feel well. Not just ok or better. I feel well.

And so can you. Just hang in there and be positive. It will turn around. I came out of this stronger in mind AND body. It took work but nothing worth having doesn't right?
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Thanks so much for sharing!!! LOVE these success stories!
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Congrats man that's awesome all I can say is I'm really happy for it up and I know you will...cause its funny how when you don't feel well for a long time that you realize all you really need is to feel good to truly enjoy and live life to the fullest!
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What an inspiration!
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Thank you for sharing your motivating and well-written story. You have such strong voice - I love it. (Sorry, that's the English teacher in me coming out)

I am so very happy to hear you are doing so well. I hope you continue to feel terrific for years and years and years!

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Best thing I've read all day, from any source. Thank you for sharing! You absolutely *have* played a major role in getting well again and I admire you for it.
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Hi Kenny,

I haven't seen you around for a while and I was so hoping it would be for a reason just like this! Congratulations and may it keep on keeping on!

Dusty. xxx
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Awesome! So happy for you-love the positive attitude!


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Thanks for sharing your story, hope and positive outcomes I love it.

Gwen xxx
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Fantastic! Thank you SO MUCH for sharing your story
It's good to be back
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Saying goodbye to the nursery biz Kenny?

Glad to hear you're doing great! May it last a lifetime!
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I am so happy for you, thank you so much for sharing your story with all of us. You are definitely an inspiration.

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this literally brought tears to my eyes [of joy!]. I just got diagnosed a month ago and have been having an incredibly hard time coping and wrapping my head around everything. Reading this though is truly inspiring that one day I and everyone else on here will get better some day. Thank you for sharing =]

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