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Short version

I suffered for 4 months before diagnosed with Crohn's. The Gastroenterologist put me on Endocort. Thank God Medicare paid all but $43 for 30 day supply. Would have been $1900. The doc told me nothing about how to take care of myself. I was taking pain pills constantly, constipated all the time and was unable to function because of the pain. I lost 25 lbs. from 155 to 130. I feel great now and think I cured myself with Garden of Life Primal Defense Ultra. From the very first capsule I took, my pain stopped. I then changed my eating to a Primal diet, much like the Maker's diet. No grains what so ever. No bread, cereal, corn, rice, barley, wheat, Oats, nothing. I used to think Cream of Wheat was good for me, but discovered I was poisoning myself with it.
No dairy except for butter and heavy cream. No sugar. No tubers like potatoe, peas, soy, peanuts. I eat meat, sea food, veggies and fruit. I also take Ensure Plus for the calories even though it contains sugar and other stuff I cut out. I have been pain free for 2 months and weening off endocort. Was M W F this month, next month just Tues and Thurs, then nothing. I feel diet and probiotics are the key.
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Awesome story!

Many people have found changes to their diet, whether big or small, have made huge improvements in their life.

I wish you continued success!!
My Story
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Thank you for sharing your story! I wish you continued success
It's good to be back

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