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Losing faith in Cimzia

I started Cimzia and Entocort in February. It got things under control fairly quickly. I weaned off Entocort and was doing well on Cimzia. A few months ago, I started getting some symptoms a few days before my shots were due. The next month, they started a week before they were due, then they didn't go away. Nothing serious, just loose stool 3-4 times/day. My GI told me to start doing one shot every 2 weeks. I had my first single dose 2 weeks ago.

I've felt like crap all week. Nausea every day, looser than normal stool, then a spot of blood today, along with a decent amount of pain. I did my shot tonight. I'm just thinking it's not working as well anymore. I don't know if it's enough to warrant new treatment, or just put up with the mild flare. I'm still able to work and function.
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Oh no, that's what happened to me. It was GRRRRRRRRREATTTT for awhile. But when it started to wear off too soon before injections, my GI doubled my doses. I did two shots every two weeks for three months. The double dose worked, but it only prolonged the inevitable for me. My doc said the double dose would act as almost a booster dosage to fight back against the inflamation. Not sure if this helps but, my GI was able to give me a sample extra set of injections while I was waiting for my insurance company to cover it. Maybe your doc might be able to do that for you if its an issue. My insurance sometimes takes awhile to approve things.

Maybe talk to your doc about doubling the dosage? Or try the next step of adding Imuran or 6MP to the mix. I hope it's nothing and that it keeps working for you. I look back on my Cimzia days fondly (that sounds corny lol) because I felt soooooooooooo good. I hope you can keep that up! You still have options so try to hang in there, just talk to your doc if it keeps up.
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It's worth asking if you should double the dose, but it sounds like you're already on the track to it becoming ineffective. Be proactive and go ahead and talk to your doctor about what you can try next.

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