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New Cereal- has worked for me

Hi Crohnies,
I have tried something new that might be of a benefit to you, I have tried a new cereal, called Digestive 1st, Barley Max, made by Goodness superfoods.
This cereal has been developed by the CSIRO in Australia. It is a barley cereal similar to meusli and is also available as barley & oats for a hot cereal.
Since using it I have become more regular and not having to go to loo 6 times a day like I used to.
I have also been on Humira for almost 3 mths, but it was only when I started the cereal it has slowed things down and I am rapt in the change.
No other meds since starting Humira. I have also reduced my wheat intake such as breads,pasta and rice, which has previously caused bloating and excessive wind.
The web site is www.goodnesssuperfoods.com.au . Hope its available overseas and it helps any of you.
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Diag mid 1980's, treated with Prednisone for 8yrs off and on
Resection 1995,
Bowel adhesion 2002 operation again
Major resection 2010,
Severe reaction to Imuran March 2011
Commenced Humira May 2011.
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I can't tear myself away from Lucky Charms
I will see it when I believe it!!!!

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I love lucky charms!
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Full of sugar, you might as well eat a twinkie! I cant tolerate barley but I do love and eat large flaked oatmeal. Soothes and is low fiber. I use rice milk and if I skip a day without it , I flare... so works for me!
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I find that barley doesn't agree with me but oatmeal/rolled oats certainly does. Rolled oat porridge with yoghurt and black strap molasses (a good source of iron, vitamin B6, potassium, calcium and magnesium) is my favourite winter breakfast.

Rice milk is a good idea, Pen.

Oats also help to reduce cholesterol."Oatmeal contains soluble fiber, which reduces your low-density lipoprotein (LDL), the "bad" cholesterol." - from the Mayo Clinic
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Thanks Susan, I also have never had cholesterol problems ever, but my family members do. I eat yoghurt separately though. I am not lacking iron...I guess I am one of the ones who don't bleed. I love porridge, I eat it every day. Helps bulk abit too .

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