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teeth pain and prednisolone and imuran

does imuran or prednisolone cause tooth pain? my teeth are always so sore ! i cant sleep ;-(
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When i took prednisone is when my teeth started hurting. They are really sensitive to cold. Eating ice cream is extremely painful. I started brushing with sensodyne toothpaste and i've since weaned off the prednisone. Its better but not gone away. Im giving it a few more weeks before i go to the dentist to see if the sensitive toothpaste will work. Imuran probably isn't doing it. I just started imuran about a month ago and my teeth were hurting before from using prednisone. I would go see a dentist if its bothering you so much that you can't sleep. Mine aren't that bad. But i was only on prednisone for a few months before i had to wean.
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Prednisone makes my teeth sore and very sensitive to hot and cold.
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I've been on pred for years (too long) and my teeth are usually quite sensitive. They'll just start to hurt out of nowhere, and it could last anywhere from a minute to several weeks. Sometimes it's my gums, but usually my teeth.
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Yes I too have been suffering with very painful teeth. Some days it is so sore I have to drink through a straw and not eat as stuff coming in to contact with them is so painful.

I am now down to my losest dose of Prednisolone since diagnosis and I have to admit the teeth are starting to feel better. All in all I have been on steroids now since beginning of Feb and I cannot wait to be off them...... Seeing my consultant on Thursday so here is hoping he stops my Pred, 10mg down to 0mg asap please.

I am on Azathioprine too 150mg (3 tablets a day) and I agree that I dont think this is what causes the sore teeth!

Take care x

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