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Surgery in 1995 - not bad since then - no meds

I'm a CD person. Had right hemi-colectomy in 1995 aged 24 and took Asacol for about 10 years following that. Have gradually reduced that to nothing. I have regular B12 injections, and just take cod liver oil. I have random episodes of pain and rushing to the toilet and cramps, but nothing too serious. Back in 1995 before surgery things didn't look so bright - constant pain, unable to eat solid food and huge blood loss daily. When they opened me up there was extensive ulceration but they didn't have to perform a colostomy.

My mother also has Crohns and has had a really similar path - although she sometimes has to go back for short periods onto steroids, generally her health is very good.

Surgery for me has been a life-saver and has hugely enhanced my life. Solid stools returned after just a few days (having not had them for about 5 years). I have travelled around the world for a year, got married (to a doctor, how ironic), had two children and had a pretty good time overall. Yes, still have to rush to the toilet sometimes, but I'm so grateful I took the decision to have surgery.
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What a great story! Thank you for sharing.

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very inspiring indeed. May you have continued good health.
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