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need advice and lotsa questions

(befor i start im not the best at spelling so i am sry for miss spells)my name is erik kane im 24 and married with two boys one 4 and my new born of 2 weeks i do not have crohns i have ulseractive colitus well ihad and i have.. I was diegnosed with uc in 2003this ended my football season and more of my year left of school. In 12th grade i missed most of my year due to exsesive bleeding. My blood count was down to 4.8 with is low to the 14.8 you are soposed to have. In 2010 i colapsed in my living room bleeding to death. My colon ripped in half i was sent to pitsburg and had a total colectomy and iliostom done. I have had a pouch for a year to date. Sine then i have been doing great i am able to do everything with out haveing to know whre every bathroom is in the state. My marrage is better than it has ever been and im able to keep a job witch is great because iv hd bd luck with quite a few of them. All in all im doing ok but now i found out i have uc in my rectom with is there because i was going to have reconstruction done. Now i have some questions . I resently was feeling itchy under my waffer and when i went to chang it i found a raw bleeding rash. I need to know how to help this i seem to get them all the time. I also have problems keeping th waffer to stick onto my sidecompletly i have one that ishigh than my belly button. please help me answer my questions i also have lots more to ask so please email me if u would help with others my email it [email protected]
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Welcome to the forum, kaneman. Sounds like you've had a really rough go of things, but I'm glad to hear that things are coming around for you lately. I hope you find this forum as helpful as I have. Lots of great folks here who understand you like no one else can.

I can't answer your questions directly, but I did want to welcome you and help you find two subforums here: one for Ulcerative Colitis and one for Stomas.

UC subforum:

Stoma subforum:
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Hey erik. I don't really know a whole lot about ostomies, but I still wanted to welcome you.

Don't be afraid to ask questions on the forum, we've got time If you've got anything specific to ask, why not post it here, and anyone who has any input can just reply in this thread

Good luck, and welcome.
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welcome to the forum kaneman! I can nt answer your qiestions for you but i did want to give you a welcome and i hope you find this forum as helpful and supporting as i do. it is an amazing place. I wish you the best and any quesions you may have we are happy to help if we can!
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Hi Erik...welcome to the forum. I have a stoma as well, but mine's a colostomy. To try and answer your stoma question, I'm going to ask you more What's your procedure for changing your wafer? Do you dry your skin off completely? Do you use powder? What do you clean the skin around your stoma with, and how often do you change it? Do you use a paste or a ring with your appliance as well? From your post I'm not sure if the problem is leakage under your stoma, whether you're not completely dry before you put the wafer on, or maybe a combination of the two. Also, does your appliance fit well?

Sorry for all the questions, but I don't want to give advice for a problem you're not having. Once you figure out why you're getting a rash, it's easier to point you in the right direction.

Join us ostomites in the stoma sub-forum if you'd like (the link is posted above) and ask your question there, or expand on your question there. Lots of people with experience that would love to help you out if we can

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