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Hay all. When r u in "remission". Is this when u feel a bit better that u use to. Is it when u feel no pain anymore. Is it when u come off all drugs. I think i am in remission but i stillk wake up every nite and first thing in pain and have to do a mad dash 2 the loo. I am so much better than i use to b. Does this mean that i am in remission or just better than i use to b. All ur thoughts please cuz im confused.com
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remission to me is no symptoms - there are 2 types- drug-induced and 'natural' - I've been in both over the years, but the drug induced one is what I have been on the longest....

30 plus years and counting with UC/Crohn's!
on remicade since 11/05

While my experiences may not be what everyone has had- I feel it is worthwhile to share any and all experiences that may be beneficial to others.
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I had been in remission for almost 14 years. Remission is when you feel the same as you did before your problems ever started. I have always remained on a course of Asacol with no flare ups or pain. BUT it's now back. I thought I had it licked after so many years but I guess I'm in for a little battle again. Good luck. I hope you truly are in remission.
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remission for me is no inflammation and no pains at all, whether it's belly aches or joint pains. But I still take Pentasa to maintain
I can still have diarrhea on a daily basis but it's more to do with the crap I've eaten, and that's normal for me.
If this isn't the norm for you, then it's possible you're still a bit active.


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For a long time in my late teens and twenties, remission for me was to be completely off of meds (though still following dietary restricions) and feeling fine. Unfortunately when my remission ended I was in denial about it and went back on treatments too late. Now I've got a permanent unhealed fistula (though an incompetent general surgeon helped, too.)

Now, remission for me means being symptom free and feeling fine - but on meds.
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Remission, for me, would be no more inflammation (shown in bloodwork and scope) no more pain, nausea, and normal bowel movements. I wouldn't start telling people that I was in remission until I had proof from my GI. That my inflammation markers went down, wbc went down, hemoglobin back up to normal, and a colonoscopy shows no ulcers, no bleeding, whatever. Everything else is pretty much in your hands, in terms of maintaining that remission. Don't go out and eat all the foods you've been staying away from, just because it doesn't hurt right now. Because it probably will tomorrow. It's very possible to have an amazing week, health-wise, then fuck it up cuz you just HAD to eat those hot wings. Trust me, I've been there. I know they say nothing you eat will cause a flare, but that doesn't count if you are still in a flare and just feeling a little better. Those foods that hurt you before will hurt you again, regardless of how good you feel. That's the one thing I really, really hope you'll listen to. Because I've screwed myself one too many times not to pass this advice on. Please, PLEASE don't mess with your diet while you're still technically flaring. Wait for your doctors OK before you try that giant, half-cooked steak. I wish I did.
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Samantha, no joke! I am my own worst enemy when it comes to food. I start feeling a little better, eat something I know I shouldn't and then I'm back to square one with the pain, nausea, and D.

Remission to me means no pain, whether it's with meds or not. "Normal" people occasionally have D or upset stomachs, but not pain every day.
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Thanx for all ur comments. I 2 am a muncher and know what i shouldnt eat but i just cant help myself. Put the McDonalds down jenni. lol. I just luv food so much. I just got the results bk from my scope i had. I have moderate inflammation and the doc said thats the best it is going to get. I still get so sore in the mornings but think i have forgotten how bad i use to b. I still take pain killers throughout the day. Some days more than other days. But hay, what doesnt kill u makes u stronger. Thats why i dont know if i am in remission, cuz its the best i am going to get. Thanx for saying hay xxxx
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You could be in remission.. Depends on how bad you were before. If your dr says that's the best you're going to get, I'm not sure what to say. I don't think I would be very satisfied with that answer. If you're still having pain, I wouldn't consider that "remission."

What meds are you on? Maybe you should try something different. It's not impossible to have crohns and be symptom free. Lot's of people on here have that. I would like to think we can all get there with the help of medication, diet, supplements, ect.. Maybe you just need to try something else. Maybe adding a probiotic and a multivitamin will help. I'm not sure. But I think you can get healthier still. Don't accept "this is the best it's gonna get." It could always get better.
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Hi, i have often wondered the same thing. I also questioned and still am, if the new found energy is from the Remicade or the B12 injections! Bowels fairly normal, no pain. Slight drainage from a fistula, so still unsure! Does this mean the Chrones is still active? Thanks!
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My 16 year old son is supposedly in remission. His blood tests and the fecal cal test said so. Doctor said so. He feels pretty good, stomach-wise, has occasional mild constipation, but that's about it. Other than, he seems to feel things in his stomach that I never felt, when I was young (with a perfect stomach). Nothing painful, just different sensations.

Yet, he's not gaining weight and tires easily. He's eating 2,500 to 3000 calories every day and has gained the same 10 lbs about 3 or 4 times. He gets up around 105, then something happens (school, summer camp, life) and he ends up back around 95 again. He came back from summer camp, weighing 95 lbs has gained 3 lbs (again).

I fear to ask, could scar tissue be the problem?

Or does someone have a happier idea?
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Amy2, I am in remission as well, if you ask the docs. But I still get tired easily. Sometimes I think it is the meds (Humira). I think I am in remission in that there is no inflammation going on. But I am not symptom free. I think this is common.
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Hi Jen. Really good question.

I've had Crohns about 15 years. I went into remission in 2001 after a bowel obstruction and resection. remission lasted almost 10 years. I still had diarrhea every day, but not the big bad active Crohns pain. Still couldn't eat some things that give me problems.

I think people forget that a lot of us have other GI issues like GERD, or scar tissue, or other issues. Doesn't mean you have active Crohns at the moment, but other stuff.

So to me, remission means everything is manageable. Able to work and live in a relatively normal way. No excruciating pain, very little, if any, bleeding.

Hope this helps!
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I think, you should get a new doc if he/she said this is as good as its going to get. With moderate inflammation you can definitely improve, the goal should be to get rid of all that inflammation, what meds are you currently on?

As for what others have said. I think even people with out crohns have stomach troubles fairly regularly, the thing is, when you have crohns (even when its not active) you are way more observational about every little stomach cramp, pain etc. I am supposably in biochemical remission but I still get pains fairly regularly, waiting for my recent scopes results to see how the colon is looking.

hope you feel better soon.
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I dont have too many physical symptoms compared to before. I started the fruit smoothies, cut out coke and coffee and that made a massive improvement on the bowel function. I work out 4-5 times a week and that has reduced my R.A symptoms also. Physically I feel as though I am 90% back to great health. My problem is with the moods and the depression. I need help on what I can take to help me as this is what will kill me. I have a 3 week wait with my specialist, she is great but would like to speak to people that have been here, and found success in taking a certain med. Help needed please?

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