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Greetings All

Hi All,

This is long..

I found this forum recently and have enjoyed reading the posts.
I am 50 yrs old male. I'm married with two children 18/20.

I was diagnosed in 1979 (pre-Simpson's, post-Flinstones). At the time I played Jr Lacrosse and a high level of hockey. I was active seven days a week. I gradually went from 165lbs to a lovely 105lbs over the period of 18 months or so. Then I had an attack (thought it was appendicitis), I was diagnosed with CD in no time flat.I was hospitalized for a month, I had an abscess and was totally involved in a Chrons episode. They fattened me up and put me on Sulfate pills, I think 16 horse pills per day for about 8 months. This helped a little but they decided to cut me open and do a bowel resection.

I was in the hospital for a week and was sent home. I spent about a month visiting Dr's and on mild meds. Shortly after that I gained weight back and felt healthy again, with the exception of the butt clenching small step running to the bathroom stuff. I learned to live with the extra visits to every bathroom I stopped near......

Life went on with occasional pain issues but mostly free of flare ups for 25 or so years. My pains intensified and I chose to mask the pain with my best and long time friend, beer. Not a good idea. This worked magically for many years, according to me, but manifested itself into a lovely bout with alcoholism. I being a smart as I thought I was recognized my addiction and decided to take action. My wife, children, friends and workmates didn't know, we alks are great at hiding this it turns out. I picked a date and quit drinking, not telling anyone else. I stopped on a Thursday spent the Friday and the Saturday with th DT's and went into Grand Mal Seizure on Sunday.

Life went on and I had to enter into AA etc. visit psychologists and fight my way through it. I seem to have defeated it (4yrs sober) and now my little CD thought it would be a good time to rear its ugly head. I started with anal fistulas, niiice, and moved on to mind numbing lower right abdomen pain.

I was poked prodded xrayed, the went on Prednisone fro the first time ever 40mg to start, two days in I felt great. I then started with the PMS like mood swings and the ravenous hunger, the Rosie O'Donnell face shape and weight gain in general. Still easy compared to the CD fun. I was also on Imuran, Calcium, Iron, VitaminD and Phosomax. I was weaned off of the Preds as normal, but my pain and symptoms returned at about the 20mg dose. I was told the Imuran would pick up the ball and help long term.

This hasn't happened. I am seeing my GI tonight to decide what to do next. I think anther surgery is inevitable, that's OK, but I just started a new job and would like to postpone this until year end to limit the effect of the time off work will have on my life. I will ask to be put on another Prednisone schedule or go to Remicade.

Sorry for being so long winded on my intro, but just checking if there was anyone in a similar situation.

PS don't you love when your in a meeting and your bowel takes the floor with a loud reeeeeooooonnnddddd.....
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D Bergy
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Welcome to the forum.

Congratulation's on beating the alcohol addiction. Being an addictive personality type, I know how difficult that must have been for you.

I think you will find many here with similar Crohn's issues. We all spill our guts here as well as in the bathroom so don't worry about a long post.

I hope you can get some remission in the near future. It would make the new job a little more enjoyable for sure.

D Bergy
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I am back on prednisone short tem and will begin Remicade treatment after the paperwork goes through.
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D Bergy
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Let us know how the Remicade treatment works out. It helps everyone to figure out what may work for them.

Good Luck

D Bergy
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Hello,I'm also from Canada,Nova Scotia.I hope Remi helps you stay in remission.Welcome to the forum

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