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1 week to go

I have got 6 days to go to my colonoscopy i have to take 2 sachets of citrafleet
My procedure is at 10.45 am on the 15 august.
i must admit i am not looking forward to the prep but i will be pleased when its all over.
regards mick.
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HI Mick, i know the prep sucks big time. but, it's worth it, especially if your colonoscopy comes normal. At least you can ease your mind either way. best wishes.

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In your case, I guess you don't want normal results from your scope. But either way, the prep is the hard part. ICKY! SICKY!

Good luck with the prep and the results!

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Hi Mick, I wish you good luck! Is this your first colonoscopy? The prep is definitely the worst part - be prepared to spend LOTS of time (yes, even more than usual!) in the bathroom during prep. Make sure you have some entertainment to keep you occupied, a book or laptop computer or anything like that to keep yourself distracted while in the bathroom. I personally like to do sudoku puzzles and watch movies when I prep. Good luck with it, and I hope the scope gets you some answers!
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Hi Mick i wish you luck with your scope the prep is the hard part again i want to wish you let us know how your doing and how the scope went do you have to drink anything i had to drink gross stuff

I hope the scope gets you some answers
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dont have DX yet but may have DX soon
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Good luck! Like everyone said, the prep is the worst part..the actual procedure you get some good drugs and go to sleep. :P I hope it gives you some answers! Let us know how it goes.
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