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hi undiagnosed looking for support.tmi

I went to the doctor to say I was sick of the bowel dramas. He did blood tests. Yesterday they told my inflammatory markers were higher than normal but still in the safe zone so it was nothing. They are always higher than normal and always dismissed.
I have vitiligo but...
They tell me I have ibs but I spent all day yesterday on the loo. I have fissures(), tags and now a really really sore bum now. I have stomache pains, joint pains, a feeling like I've been punched in the side.

I get diarrhea that feels like I am vomiting from the rear.

I am lactose intollerant, garlic intollerant, alcohol intollerant. allergic to msg.

The doc said I would just have to live with it!!!!! He has obviousely never gone out with a sanitary towel on in case you get caught in trafic and need to go and can't hold it.

My poo has mucus in it and smells worse than the cats.

I've been home raising kids for years and so it's been manageable. Sometimes I get stuck on the loo in the morning and a friend takes the kids to school-other times dh has to finish making dinner.

I'm planning to go to uni next year to do teacher training-how will I get through that and work as a teacher if I spend all morning on the loo and then need to rest and sleep all afternoon.

This cannot be simple ibs surely?
I'm going to a difefrent doc tomorrow and I'm going to demand to be referred to a gastro specialist.
I just needed to come here to rant and get some advice or opinions.

Apart from the markers my throid etc are all normal.
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Hi Dawnlc

Yep- sounds like you need proper investigations by a consultant gastroenterologist. When you see your GP ask if you can be refered to a consultant who has a particular interest in Crohn's and IBS - good luck and best wishes.
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Hi Dawn and welcome! Some of your symptoms do align with IBS, but they can align with IBD as well. The big thing is the raised inflammatory markers. This should not be dismissed. I would see a GI and do some testing. I highly suggest a colonoscopy andor endoscopy. I have had lots of imaging tests (CT scans, lower bowel series, MRI's) that come back normal. Also, biopsies are key to getting a diagnosis. So, though a colonoscopy or endoscopy is not fun, it is the best way to get some answers.

Keep us posted!

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I am still sick and so confused...
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Hey dawnlc. Markers aren't always accurate. There's three big types of crohns: fistulizing, stricturing and inflammatory... Inflammatory markers aren't always crazy when your crohn's isn't mainly inflammatory. My markers never went high until after diagnosis.

Get a new doc. Fissures and skin tags, and the amount of D you're describing is definitely not IBS. Your butt shouldn't hurt from IBS. That doesn't even make sense. Mucus is also a heavy indicator... Are you sure you're seeing a doctor? lol

Anyways, hope you get a diagnosis. Keep us updated
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I agree!!! GET A NEW GENERAL PRACTIONER and get a referral to a Gastrointologist. Having a good gp makes all the difference. I am on my 3rd GP now who is absolutely fabulous. Prior to him, they were making "possible" diagnoses of 'thats just how you are', endomitriosis (resulting in an unnecessary laperoscopy and DNC) and then finally hormonal issues. It took landing in the hospital and my new GP to finally get the ball rolling. Don't give up... you have to look after number 1 and if it doesn't feel like your getting the right help, then move on. Dont let it go undiagnosed or misdiagnosed....SPEAK UP!! Its to your benefit!
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Thankyou all. I'm making an app for a different gp for later today. I'll report back then.
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Hiya Dawn
and welcome

print this off and shove it where the sun don't shine!
Insist & Persist with your GP, to let this escalate is asking for trouble, you're defo suffering from some form of IBD
good luck and let us know how you get on
lotsa luv
Joan xxx


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Hi and Welcome!

We have an undiagnosed section on our forum, under the "support" section. Feel free to come join us over there!

Wow, I feel the same way about the really does feel like you are vomiting the wrong way! I have very similar symptoms as you, and I have had doctors tell me IBS several times. It took time and patience for a doctor to see that I was really in trouble. After 8 months he finally went "this isn't right!" and decided to do a pill cam procedure. I'm still waiting on my results though. My point is, patience is key! It can take years for IBD to be diagnosed with some people, because the illness doesn't check the boxed per say. I understand how frustrating it is!

Hang in there and I hope you get answers soon!
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