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Natural Remedies

Hi all, I have CD. I was diagnosed in 2001. I have tried many of the medications that many of have been on or are currently taking. The last medication my GI prescribed was methotrexte. I was a good girl and took it for a few weeks. After doing some research and finding out the other uses for this medication and possible side affects, I stopped and have not resumed. That was more than 6 months ago. Since then I have started Garden of Life Probiotics, plant enzymes as well as recently starting peppermint oil and chammomile. I feel good most days but as we all know stress complicates things. I am a full time student with four children and I work part time. I am currently working on changing my diet but this is hard. NO SUGAR,NONE OF THE "GOOD STUFF". I have been able to eat just about everything in moderation even alcohol since my dignoses. I have not had any surgeries and can count on one hand the number of overnights and ER visits. I am so glad this forum exist and look forward to the advice and stories of people that deal with maybe some of the same struggles. If anyone has any suggestions for good stress management I am all ears.
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Good stress management? I'd say that it's different for everyone, and at different points of their lives.

When I was younger, I would hide in my room and blare music as if no one else could hear it. College years, I would drive out to the beach as if I would die if I wasn't there in 10 mins. Now, I read after work during the week, usually outside by myself. All of these things, I did by myself. That is the only consistancy.

Look back to see how you've handled stress before in your life. I'd be willing to bet you could find some sort of constant factor. Use that, but mold it into your current life.

Welcome to the forum <3
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Hi Truly Blessed and welcome! Love your username!

I am glad you are doing well with your natural remedies. I struggle with diet, as well, as I really love food. Right now I am stuck with chicken and rice until I feel better, which has really got me down. I could so go for a good BBQ right now! Stress is an issue for me, too. When I am well enough, exercise helps. I like walking on the tredmill or stationary bike in front of the TV. It's my time to unwind and relax.

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Hi Jill, I love to walk and read and that helps but I have not found anything that works during the day when the majority of my stress seems to weigh the heaviest. I have also noticed that when Im tired I have pain. BBQ sounds really good but today Ive had a smoothie and some almonds. For lunch I splurged and had grilled chicken on a little bit of lettuce and some Italian dressing. I crave salad with cheese and cranberries...all the good stuff and honey mustard salad dressing but right now the very thought of that makes my belly ache. I have had some really good times and honestly the pain makes me nervous abouot progression which feeds into my anxiety and the whole thing becomes a vicious cycle.
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I dont know what the constant is. I have never handled stress well but it wasn't until my diagnoses that I discovered how big of a problem stress management is. I like to walk and exercise but lately I am tired all of time. Ive been scouring the internet for alternatives and I came across info on "leaky gut" syndrome which until recently had never heard of or had explained. Now I know the fatigue is not in my head but how do I fix it. Do I stop eating to detoxify my system and for how long? Is there another supplement to add that will help with the fatigue. Its really inconvient with 2 toddlers.... Help
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Hey Jill, took me over a year and a half to be diagnosed with CD so I managed to cope for a while with the pain. Stress causes CD to flare up (my exams took a hit just scrapping passes) I find that curling up with a hot water bottle and slowly rocking back and forth passes the pain. Also getting my back rubbed and just keeping my mind occupied. Due to my CD I have became very anemic and have very little vitamin B12

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