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is it a fistula...then what should I do!!

Ok, Have had Crohns 15 years.....with on and off diareah. Started seeing blood on toilet paper 4 months ago... so now Im freaked enought to see a specialist first one in 10 years..I explain about the he says I wake up and this prick tells me I have CD...which was nothing new, then i say what about the blood cause? etc. etc.....he says rectum looks fine ( I wonder if he even looked?)

So a few days later more blood and burning pain, I see this lame excuse for a doctor...charges me a $100 bucks to tell me to use prednisone and immurane for CD....again somthing I already knew.

So now more blood on average evry 4 days (on toilet paper) with burning pain which continues after I am off the toilet then goes away. I let go, let it go let it go....then bam lots of blood (bright red,lots of burning pain) on toilet paper and bit in the toilet. According to the symptoms it describes as a fissure, but i am pretty sure its a fistula.

Has anybody had these symptoms?

what is the quickest way to deal with it?
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Ok its now for sure I have a fistula, the sad thing is I saw three different doctors around a year ago because of a painful lump I had down there.......I told all of them my history with CD.....I was sent home to take antibiotics...if those lazy bastards would have spent an extra 2 secs. thinking about it maybe the abscess could have been treated then before becoming a fistula. Now it appears surgury is a major possibility.

Does anyone know a good way to help a fistula heal on its own???????? I am willing to do anything to avoid surgury.
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Hi There
yes i have three of them so I know
where your coming from. They are very painful.
First u could try warm sitz baths with epsom salts.
If that dont work ask ur Dr. for cipro and flagyl and
if that dont work u can try remicade.
Then u might have to get it lanced or setons put in.
You can also ask ruth on this subject she is quite knowledgeable
to about these nasty suckers
Goodluck Tammy

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I've read about different treatments for fistulas in the bum area but don't think there is any standard treatment. I think it's on a case by case basis. I've heard of treating them medically and waiting for them to achieve closure and I've heard of plugs being placed in some to shut them off. I read an article, forgot where, about how fistulas are one of the greatest challenges to doctors and surgeons and how complicated they can be. If you type "perianal fistula" in a Google search you can learn a lot and will know more what your doctor is talking about and what your options are.

I have an enterocutaneous intestinal fistula. The fistula developed from an abscess and was trying to communicate through the skin. I had surgery to drain the abscess and to allow the fistula communicate. Now they're trying to treat it medically to attain closure with prednisone. If it doesn't close, then I'll have to look at going to Remicade or resection.
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I've had several fistula's. They only way that they could be dealt with was with surgery because they're unnatural openings between two parts of your body. If I had lots of blood, I would go to the emergency room.

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