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Enormous bowel movement

Ok, I've been trying to figure out the easiest way to ask this question without making it a really long story. Not really sure if I can do it or not but here it goes...I was wondering if any of you have ever experienced having a BM and not believing your body could hold that much waste...Not all the time, but on occasion when I have a BM it is an excessive amount...I mean A LOT!!!!!! Not only is it A LOT, but after one BM, a few minutes later, another one just as much and sometimes another one...It feels as if every last inch of my intestines are being emptied...Never diareaha though(I can't ever spell that word)...AND it burns like someone has taken a wire brush and scraped the lower part of my intestines, then poured alcohol on it...Very uncomfortable!!! I just don't think that is normal...I am currently taking asacol and prednisone...In the process of tapering off prednisone AGAIN!!! I do notice as soon as I start to taper off of the pred, I notice changes in BM's...Espcially when I get to 20mg...I go see my GI tomorrow for a follow up visit and we'll see what he says about it, but just wanted to know if any of you have ever experienced this...
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When im eating 'normally' i find the same thing too. I usually spend 15-20 minutes on the toilet everytime i go, because i find it better to just sit there and get as much out as poss, and let it keep coming. It baffles me sometimes to think that there are some people who go to the loo like once every couple of days! Because i think i would just fill up! lol! But for me now its normal. i spend so much time on the loo that i always take something 'to do' with me, like the paper or my DS! lol! Hope thats helped a bit!
P.S i know what to you mean about feling sore, sometimes i feel as if im passing acid it burns so much, for me, i think that is dependant on what iv eaten, im guessing more acidic food is responsible, but i could be completely wrong. I find thats worse when my crohns is worse tho.
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Thanks vicky, I was wondering if I was the only one...I tell my husband "I was full of it" and I mean literally...If I only went every couple days I would probably explode...But by seeing how much comes out of me, I would think it had been a month...(sorry for the details)...Thanks for the response!!! Have a good day

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