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D Bergy
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Leaky Gut

I recently found out that my daughter has been diagnosed with Celiacs disease.

Here is the tally of family members with related diseases.

Me, I have Crohn's disease.

My youngest son has Hidradenitis Suppurativa.

My daughter now has Celiacs disease.

My oldest son also has some stomach issues that are not too bad yet but may well turn out to be yet another gut related disease.

I think the odds of all of these diseases being unrelated and yet occurring in my immediate family are astronomical.

I suspect strongly that all of these diseases share a common cause and that once I find that common denominator then more progress can be made.

The only thing I can find that could be common to all of them is a general term called Leaky Gut Syndrome. It basically is and upset in the gut mucosa that causes bacteria, food particles and other matter to enter the blood stream. This in turn leads to an immune response which results in all kinds of problems.

It is not something that is generally tested or even commonly accepted within standard medicine. Yet it can be measured and diagnosed and does offer a
common cause for these three diseases. Or at least it appears to at first glance.

I have not investigated this very much because I really was suspicious that it really existed in the first place. But given our family history of these related diseases and the common symptoms given in this forum I am beginning to think there may be something to it.

I would like any research or opinions on this condition that any of you may have as I am bogged down in research already. Here is one article on the condition you can read as an introduction. I will post here as well when I come across something of interest.


Thank you.

D Bergy
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Jeff D.
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Wow that makes total sense to me. I also have people in my family with gut diseases that are not Crohn's and I felt the same way as you. I think Leaky Gut could definitely be the common denominator but I never thought about it.
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D Bergy
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In my case I have reason to believe that H Pylori may have caused the leaky gut and then caused psoriasis, depression, allergies and later the Crohn's itself.

There could even be more than one cause and it certainly could be different for other people. Anything seeping into the bloodstream that is not supposed to be there could cause the allergic reaction.

That may be why it is so impossible to find a cause, because there may be multiple causes all relating to permeability of the gut.

All just speculation at this point. It does make a certain amount of sense, but that does not mean it is true. It certainly is worth investigating it more.

D Bergy
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I'm sorry to hear about the Celiac diagnosis.

You may remember I just started the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. I have been reading the book "Breaking The Vicious Cycle" by Elaine Gottschall and there is a whole chapter about Celiac disease. The prognosis for cure with the SCD seemed very strong, stronger and quicker than with Crohn's or IBD. Just a thought, maybe you should check out the diet.

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Here is an interesting link on the subject


It seems to say the usual stuff, especially regarding diet. No gluten, dairy , sugar, processed foods etc..... It's more or less like SCD but maybe less strict as you can eat non-gluten grains (rice, potatoe,.....). there are also some supplement suggestions.
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D Bergy
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Thank you both.

I will forward the links to her. I also have some books on this since it was one possibility before my diagnosis. I even went to a local support group for a while.

I tried the gluten free diet and it is very difficult. It is surprising how little food there is without some form of gluten in it. Even vitamins can have it as a binder.

Gluten free bread is the hardest thing to find and it is nasty tasting.

D Bergy
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D Bergy
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I don't know if this is a leaky gut type post, but it is an interesting side effect I just noticed.

I have had dandruff as long as I have had hair. Just three weeks ago I know I had it because we were cleaning the house and I noticed the back of my Lazy Boy recliner was loaded with it. Now it is gone completely. The back of my chair is spotless. I can't get any dandruff off of my head.

I am sure it is because of the fish oil since that is all I added in that time period. I am not sure if it is because I needed the Omega 3 oils or if it is because my gut is cleaned out of bad bacteria and yeast. Either way, I am glad it is gone and I have to think any outward improvement in health is likely a good sign. I will see if it holds in the winter months when the air is much drier.

That is two unexpected benefits I have had in my treatment of Crohn's.

Hopefully the Crohn's will go away for good also.

Best Regards

D Bergy

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