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Two fairly long remissions.

I just want to say that I have had crohns for 12 years now, and I have had 2 fairly long remissions. My first one followed a pretty severe flare after my resection. I was put on pred and imuran. I slowly went into remission. I stayed on imuran for a year but came off because I felt good and kept getting infections from the imuran. I stayed in remission with out meds for another 3 years. I took really good care of myself. I quit smoking when I started the imuran. I ate healthy. I moved on with life. Finished college, travelled, had a baby, bought a home and got married.

I started flaring again when Lilly was a year and a half old. Its wasnt so bad first, but I gradually got sicker and sicker. I didnt know how bad I was until I had an emergency colonoscopy, and I was so inflammed I was almost obstructed, and I had a couple fistulas. My doctor said remicade or surgery. I was terrified but I took the remicade. I went into remission in 4 days. My fistulas completely closed in that time. I stayed in remission for about 17 months until my body rejected the remicade.

So even though I am flaring again, I have every hope in the world that I will get better. I am taking imuran and I hope it worked for like it did the first time I tried it.
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Thank you for sharing, Lydia. It's so wonderful to hear long-term remission is possible; it's a dream I have. I sure hope you find yourself in one again very soon.

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HI lydia i hope the drug works for you and you go back into remission again for a long time. best regards.


Crohn's Disease Forum » Your Story » Success Stories » Two fairly long remissions.
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