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Poll: crohnsforum patients and your doctors

I haven't been able to get a response that diesanduhr made in the "What Does crohnsforum Mean To You?" thread out of my mind. I'm interested to see what people's thoughts are.

Do you think that the health professionals you see would benefit from the kind of "patient talk" that is prevalent here? How do you think it might help them in their practice, in turn, you as a patient/why not?

How differently do you talk to other forum members than you do to your doctors about you and your case?
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Doctors are terribly intimidating. And I never remember my symptoms when I see them. Plus, depending on how you communicate, you might not be getting the point across to your doctor. For example, I'm very sarcastic in person. One day, whilst joking along that "I wasn't feeling lovely", my doctor asked me if I was being sarcastic... "uh, yeah. I feel like $#!^".... Got started on humira at the end of that appointment
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Funnily enough, I was thinking this at the GI the other day. He was surprises that I knew what I knew and I told him it was from a forum. He and my GP are really good and work together on my care, but I don't think they get the emotional impact of being diagnosed and living with Crohn's.
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Let me preface this by saying that I'm pleased with my current doctors - my GP, GI, and CR Surgeon. Especially reading through some of the stories here on the forum, I find them to be knowledgeable, competent, and compassionate.

I can't see any of them becoming a member here and spending hours and hours everyday, but if there was an easy way for them to check in time to time, some sort of synopsis, or "abstract" to the whole, I think they might be more willing to check it out. In some ways, I think they do understand us more than we realize, but are compelled to remain "clinical" and "ethical" in their approach. Also, I would imagine that some distance is necessary with all patients in this litigious society.

It wasn't until I joined here that I started talking so frankly with my doctors. This has made a big difference, both to the help I get here and from my doctors.
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Paul Cronk
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I think that the most helpful would be for Doctors to be aware of the forum and direct patients towards it. Those that are curious will research it themselves.
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My childrens GI is the sort of doc that asks more than just the clinical questions. He is interested in what they do outside his office and now that Sarah has moved away he still asks about her. As a doctor that listens I don't know that he would benefit greatly from coming to a forum like this.

I know of other doctors that are so far up themselves that are just about turning inside out, so they would never consider coming to a forum like this because they already know all there is to know.

Then there are those that fall between these two groups. Of those within that group that are keen to learn and admit that they are human enough to make mistakes then perhaps the insight that this site offers may well open their eyes to the significant impact that IBD can have on a person's life.

As to talking to doctors, well I just say what I think and what I want straight up. If I think they have no clue I tell them. If I think they have no concept of what my child is going through I tell them. If I think they are doing a good job I tell them. If I think I wouldn't take my dog to them I tell to stick it up their arse.

Dusty. xxx
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not sure what they would get from it, I'm sure they could offer some very useful advice, which would obviously come with a very clear health warning and refer you back to your own GI.

They spend all day working with patients like us plus others with different ailments, so I presume the last thing they would want to do is spend they're own time reading forums.

I appreciate there are arguments for and against, but like was mentioned earlier, they could help direct patients this way. I was directed towards NACC UK, so they do understand that there are forums out there.

My tuppence worth anyway.

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