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Will do dusty!;-)
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"Ferrous furamate" anyone have anything on that that i should worry about?
Aparently the wee fellas iron levels are low and this is the solution to this.
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Hi Zipster

I don't know about ferrous furamate but wanted to mention the possibility of using a cast iron pan. I found some info in February re increasing your iron levels by cooking in a cast iron pan (link is below for the thread) - I was really surprised at increased amounts of iron found in food cooked in cast iron pans! This may be coincidental but, since February, I've been using our cast iron pans more often (not daily but 3-4 times/week). My sons HGB levels have been low since his diagnosis last May but his last tests showed normal HGB levels. But, as I said... may just be coincidence???

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Hi Zipster, thanks for the update. My son has just been started on the Azathioprine this week after an operation at Yorkhill. Has your son been ok on it apart from the sun sensitivity? Andrew has been on an iron supplement as well the last few months - it's called Sytron (not sure if that's the same as yours). It's in liquid form which I believe is less likely to cause constipation and my son has had no side effects from it at all. The IBD nurses at Yorkhill seem really nice!
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Hey zipster,

Sarah was on Ferrous Fumarate at one point. She had no problems with the tablet itself but she has always had issues with Folic Acid. At the time she was already taking a Folic Acid supplement and they thought taking Ferrous Fumarate would kill two birds with one stone. It didn't because Ferrous Fumarate only contains small amounts of Folic Acid.

You are in the UK??
If so it might be worth your while looking into a supplement that has now been made available on the market there. It is a iron preparation that has been available in Sweden for quite a long time now and it contains non heme as well as heme iron. Heme iron has a far better absorbability than non heme iron. It is called Globifer.

Dusty. xxx
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