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Doctors.. What do you think about them?

If you've read my other post you can tell i am pissed off at doctors. They are a bunch of lazy bastards.... I mean how many times can they say take some antibiotics and see me in a they collect their fees.

The best was the Chinese doctor who told my mom I had the flu when I was 15 at the ER of the local hospitol when I couldn't eat and was shitting myself and had full blown CD. The prick was going to send me home............... then we finally figured out it was CD good thing my mom fought to have another doctor look at me that day. (before I was that sick I saw 8 GP's for the same problem)

Its sad to think these guys are out to make as much money as quickly as possible by running us through like cattle.

The rest are the nerds from school......they have no balls and are generally unable to make decisions, because of this we suffer.

Anyone else pissed off like me? Whats Your story......
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Hi Moyzee... Welcome to the forum.. Ranting about doctors? Let me tell you a story. my father was a carpentar.. actually a master carpentar and cabinet maker, a 'real' craftsman. A local 'big shot' doctor hired him to renovate his offices. He had heard my Dad was the 'go to' guy to see. anyway, long story short, in cutting a particulary tricky piece of crown molding (very expensive stuff) it uncharacteristically splintered at the very end of the cut.. not much of a splinter.. about 1 1/2 inches long, but it was right at the joint. Instead of writing it off, Dad retrieved the splinter... glued it back in place.. and when the glue was dry, and the corner mitred, sanded and painted.. it was completely invisible to the eye. the doc, coming and going from the area routinely, had been aware of this little piece of 'wood' surgery, and had been.... weeellllll, rather... condescending and dubious of the whole 'repair' process. He was an elitist, haughty, pretty cheap s.o.b. to work for. He'd wanted my Dad to turf the whole thing, and start from scratch, at my Dads expense... Dad told him that if he wasn't satisfied with the quality of the end product, he would replace it.. Welll, the doc gave it his best shot.. tried his damned best to spot the repair. Couldn't. Chagrined, he said.. "so that's how you cover up your mistakes".. In a shot, my dad replied.. "Well, at least I don't bury mine"
True story... so, are some doctors bastards? You bet. When I was 7, doctors told our family that my mom had cancer, less than 6 months.. Dad cried, first time ever I'd seen him cry... then he packed us all up, and drove mom to another hospital, a 400 mile trip... That was many years ago, and Mom is still going strong. Many years later, my ex was seeing an OB/GYN... he said all of her pains were just her normal cycle... she decided to see another.. an OB/GYN from McGill, who was in the area simply because their spouse was studying for their masters at our local university.. He ordered immediate surgery... anticipated to take 2 - 3 hours max.. After 7 hours of surgery, he came out of the OR. He had been barely able to save her life... But he did. Guess which side of the spectrum I put him on at the time? I got to see the other side of things when I was in a long relationship with a doctor.
met a lot of other doctors socially as a result... wanna know a secret. they were all human like the rest of us.. some good, some bad, a few great ones, perhaps a few more that were not so great... pretty much the same mix as the rest of us. If you run into a bad doctor, that's exactly what you should do.. run.. Except away.. Remember the words of my dad... they bury their mistakes. Otherwise, go find a good doctor, or even better, a great one.. might even save your life, or someone close to you... Over the course of my life so far, really good doctors have saved the life of my mother (twice - last time at 81), my father (twice), my ex, (once, but I no longer hold that against him - he was just fulfilling his Hippocratic oath, right?), my sons (several times..many thanx to the neo-natal intensive care physicians)...
Have doc's ever screwed me over... Yes! One told me I had the flu when what I actually had was Hepatitis... damned near died.. Another told me I had DAC and that surgery would cure me... Wrong.. But when I balance it all out, the 'good' docs outweigh the 'bad', and I consider that a bottom line that we all can live with.

IF you continue to judge all doctors on the bad experiences you've had so far, you just might blind yourself to the good doctor in your future who could end up being your 'life saver'.. at least, that's the humble opinion of this ol fart.. Get my point?

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Moyzee, I have to agree with Kev...Try not to judge all doc's by your bad experience...Yes, there are definately doctors out there that are only out to make the big buck, but then there are ones that are actually sincere in trying to help...I personally have never had a so called "bad experience" with any doctor...Seeing as how thankfully I've never had any serious health problems up until IBD...I do have family members and friends that have had some pretty crappy doctors...My family physician and my GI doctor both are incredible and seem to do all they can to help me...They listen and dont feed me a bunch of crap...

About 5 years ago a doctor that obviously was lacking skill did a heart procedure on my mom and cause a HUGE blood clot in her thigh...She told him her leg was hurting really bad and he said it was normal and sent her home...Long story short, she was back in the hospital for nearly a month...Most of the clot finally dissolved and what was left attatched itself to the walls of the artery...She still has pain in her leg and probably always will...BUT, she did have other doctors there that watched her and did all they could to help her through...So, just in that one shortened version of a story, there was good doctors and bad...
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D Bergy
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I have had some really lousy doctors and a couple of real good doctors.

The lousy ones could not diagnose my wifes Lyme disease. And in Minnesota there are plenty of people without medical degrees that can, since it is so common here.

We were forced to treat it ourselves since she was declining rapidly. We used methods they would call quack medicine but she is well today using things that are not supposed to work but do.

They could not diagnose my Crohn's even doing the very same tests the good doctors did. They always want me to take cholesterol lowering drugs even though there is no scientific evidence that it helps most people. One of them recently prescribed antibiotics for my father in law's flu. They are true quacks.

The good doctors diagnosed my Crohn's quickly and did the surgery with out a hitch.

While I did not take their recommendation on treatment, I think they are very good at what they do and I will see him again when I get my next colonoscopy.

The bad ones forced me to learn how to treat diseases with little professional assistance and without prescription drugs. So, in a backwards type way I am grateful they were so bad.

D Bergy

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I've been very fortunate to have 2 excellent GI's--one in Tucson and the other I'm currently seeing in LA. During my most recent flare-up, my GI in LA was great. He really worked with me to see if I could get out of it without hospitalization, and was very gentle yet firm in convincing a hospital stay was our only option when I couldn't get out of it otherwise. I never felt like he was just "phoning it in." He really cares about me as a patient, and even came to visit me in the hospital on his day off.

As far as I can tell the key is referrals. A referral to a good doc is best thing in the world. If someone you know and trust has had a good experience with a doc, odds are that you will too. Both of my GI's came highly recommended from people I know and trust, and the results have been great. Obviously it's not always possible to get a referral in an emergency situation, but if you are in the market for a new doc, get referrals from everyone you know and trust. You'd probably be surprised at how many people have seen a GI, or know of someone who has seen one.

Anyway, that's my 2 cents.
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I dont really feel like typing it all out but I REALLY hate most doctors including my current GI type docs. They ignore me, throw drugs at me when they dont, and generally suck.

Doing a job RIGHT the first time gets the job done. Doing the job WRONG fourteen times gives you job security.
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There is nothing like annoying a doctor by telling them they are fired. The look of disbelief that you would even question their judgement is amazing. If you try to give me the same drugs I had 17 years ago and they did not work then you seriously think I am going through that again. What is the expression only a stupid person tries the same thing over again and expects a different result.

I had a 3 to 4 year spell without GI - I was not impressed - sick of steroids - then finally I have found a good one. I told him I thought one drug was not working so he switched. Novel - We tried antibiotics as well - may be not according to the text book but it worked. It is really hard finding a good GI.
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At least you all have choices - there are like 2 GIs on Maui. One's about to retire, I suspect. I like the GI I have so far. She seems nice enough, for what that's worth. But last time I went in she had once again forgotten to write the letter she needs to write so I can get approved for the pill cam. It's been what...a month?

The GI who diagnosed me in CA was great. I believe they would still be scratching their heads here. He ran every test under the sun and did not stop until he figured out what was wrong with me. I was very happy with him from a diagnostic stand point. Although I didn't like that he did a rectal exam for occult blood at every visit - is that normal???

Did I mention we have NO rheumatologist? It IS beautiful here, don't get me wrong. But kind of a scary place to need a doctor.

I gave birth at home, the hospital and OB's here scared me that badly. And this is not uncommon!

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I agree most doctors are like the rest of us HUMAN. I dont mind if they are not perfect. I do mind when they are persistently ignorant stupid wrong and have either the wrong "facts" or no facts at all. Like the gastro who didnt know the difference between Asacol and Pentasa. The THIRD time I asked him and got the "uh duh" answer was the last time I saw him. Or like the gastro who when he was unable to get the colonoscope tip past the anastomosis decided to try the old male standby "brute force" method, six times! Needless to say he is no longer my gastro either. Or the gastro who after it was clear that metronidizole was NOT making my p/a fistula go away suggested "a few more months". He was the same one who declared that 2000 mg/day of vit C causes kidney stones. I'll let you find out the truth (or lack thereof) in that one. It is surprising to me that in the midst of one of the greatest medical establishments in the US that such mechanics exist. Thank God I've got a good CAR mechanic, who usually gets it RIGHT the first time!

I am sure that somewhere out there is the gastroenterologist for me. I have yet to find him. (or her).
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Gotta say it... In the quest to find a decent GI, you are bound to run thru more than a few who look like assholes. must be an occupational hazard. This too will pass!
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I do not like docs right now.....I think sometimes I know more about Chrohns than them...I think most docs just dabble in Crohns,,,I am going to a Crohns specialist in a very good hospital...hoping this will be better for my son...and we can finally get on the rigfht track and get him into remmision after SIX MONTHS of crappy gastro guys who really dont know CRAP about Crohns( NO PUN INTENDED) lol Debbie

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