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My story

Hi my name is Abi
I was diagnosed with crohn's my senior year of high school I was 18. My first flair was the most terrifying thing in my life, I lost 25lbs in about 4 weeks. My primary doctor had no clue what was wrong with me,she just kept telling me I had mono. And the mono was what was making me tired and not wanting to eat. Funny thing out of the 6 mono tests they did not one was positive.
The final straw for me was when I was in able to go for a run without bring sick. I have always loved to run, I was so weak from not being able to eat. What I could eat it was a toss up to see if I could keep it in.
I was revered to a local specialty clinic in my area. Where I met my first and only doctor (so far), she walked and asked how I was, and before I could even answer she replied " My guess is shitty... Otherwise you wouldn't be here" I was relived to know that she had a sense of humor. She suggested a colonoscopy after talking to me and my mom who was in nursing school at the time. I was not thrilled by that idea but after all I had been through I thought what could it hurt!
The took a sample of my small intestine that looked "poor" and sent it to be tested. My sample went to 4 different labs including OHSU which is a big hospital university in my area. Only the final place could confirm that I did have crohn's.
When my doctor told me I cried it was nice to know I wasn't crazy but it was not the kind of thing you want to hear as an 18 year old girl or at any age. I was glad that my doctor was willing to respect my choice to not want to take the medications like prednisone. Instead she asked me tons of questions that to me made no sense. Why did she care about my senior projects or my parents divorce, or my friends death? Or what I just hated to eat? I now know she was trying to find my " flair stresser" and for me it is stress! All ao my symptoms started after a huge stressful period. My doctor recommended me to a nutritionist and a therapist, along with some pills to help.
That was 3 years ago and I haven't had a sever flair since. I did some research to find that my grandmother on my dad's side has crohn's, although no one on my fathers side chooses to believe that I have something wrong with me. In college career have had several stressful times, but I have been able to combat them. For me I have to take time out for me, wether it be horseback ridding or going for a walk, I have to take care of me.
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Hi Abi and welcome! I am so happy to hear you have been doing well these past few years. What medication do you take?

I hope you continue to do so well!

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HI Abi. welcome to the forum , i am sorry you have been diagonsised with crohn's. but, of course life is no over we live crohn's and live with it each day. The stressful days are not nice. but you are doing so good. and it's glad to hear a happy story. i hope you find the forum to be very a knowledgeable place and a great family of people. you will feel right at home here. best wishes.

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hi abi!! thats great to hear your doing well!! crohns is very hard to take at a young age but you sound like you got a great head on your shoulders!! you are so right about taking time for yourself! welcome and best of luck to you!!
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Hi Abi! Welcome to the forum. Scott's right. It is a great family of people here. I'm really glad you joined us.

Stay well.

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