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Exercise Phobia

Wanting to work out in a yoga class. I mainly do any exercise at home or by walking. My last experience was a palates class prior to knowing about my CD diagnosis. Some of the positions caused uncontrollable gas expulsion in class. I was so embarrassed and could not help but apologize, which probably made it worst. Worst of all I was taking the class with 2 true friends. They are still my friends. I still never know when this problem will come on and am scared about the yoga classes. My same friends are encouraging me to go. I have not found any medication so far that really helps. I try to eat alot of food for the Crohn's to keep my stomach healthy that also causes this problem such as fruit and yogurt.

Any suggestions from the board? Any advise is appreciated. I should be taking this class in the evenings.

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I've heard that most perfectly healthy people fart (and other things) throughout a Yoga class. So, you won't be the only one. This is why I won't take Yoga LOL. I'm not afraid of MY gas, but I don't want to be huffing the butt of the person in front of me. I'd start giggling hysterically anyway.
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As a yoga teacher, I would hope that a student with such fears would come up to me before class and share their concerns and also tell me about their illness, injury, or whatever they have. It is then up to ME to create the space for THEM to feel comfortable in the class.

My point is speak with the teacher. If they don't create the space for you to feel comfortable, keep going to different teachers until you find one who does. They're out there
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David- all instructors should be so thoughtful and kind.

Jank- my only practical suggestions are to maybe try a few minutes of stretching before class to possibly pre-release some gas, or try taking Beano, Gas-X or other anti-gas agent. Good luck!
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Don't exercise on linoleum floors! Farting noises can echo on them it seems.

I suppose it is more on the obvious side, but I've found when at the gym the less I stress the stomach muscles the less stomach discomfort I can generate.

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