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ele mental leprechaun
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Toys coming out of the cot look out!

Gotta have a yell!

Just got my blood results for this week and my CRP and ESR are the highest they have ever been. My CRP is almost 4 times the max and ESR is almost 3 times the max in the range.

I don't feel like I am getting sick again - yes I have had a little fun over the weekend guts wise but put it down to trying tomatoes as part of my reintroduction. Asthma is settling and steroids are due to be reduced to 10mg in the morning again. Last time I got to 10mg we went back up to 40mg the same day because my asthma kicked off and had a chest infection.

I am due to have a minor op tomorrow in day surgery to remove a breast cyst and I dont think they will touch me with my inflammatory markers so high. GROAN

Can only keep my fingers crossed...

I was in work today sorting out my return to work next monday - my boss said to me if you dont start next monday dont worry - I FEEL OK but am twitched now that sommat is going on because both these markers have climbed across the last 3 weeks.

I see my GP this friday morn. Lord knows what he will say... I just want to go back to work! AARRGGHHHHHH


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D Bergy
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Cod Liver oil has been reported to help some people with Asthma. It is speculated that the Omega-3 fatty acids help the symptoms. Fish Oil and Krill Oil also are high in Omega-3. Fish Oil goes rancid easily and fish in general contain mercury so you have to be careful about that aspect.

Might be worth a look.

D Bergy
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That seems strange if you don't feel like you're getting sick or having any pain. Maybe it could be caused by inflammation in some other area, like arthritis. Or have you had any injuries that could cause it? But if the levels are that high, that probably wouldn't be it. Of course, I don't know much about these blood tests and don't know if they've ever done any on me. Probably did but just didn't tell me about it.

The best thing is probably to try to relax right now and not think about it until you see your GP. Easier said than done I know. It sounds like you have a good situation with your boss.
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What is CRP and ESR? I also don't know if I've ever had these tests, either way it would be nice to know.

Thanks J
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ele mental leprechaun
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As I said in my post they are inflammatory markers they can look for in blood tests. Mine are done every week at present because I am on Imuran and have had recent infection. Suggest you check google for more info rather than me explain as it would probably be more accurate. Hope you are well.

If I am honest I have had probs in recent days with running to the loo more and pain but put it down to IBS irritated by reintroduction of food. Cant be my chest because its settling down asthma wise. No trauma. Am wondering if the infliximab effect is wearing off now - we will see eh? Not worried about it just annoyed when I am so close to going back to work and dont want my GP to say no when I see him friday morn. Am keeping my fingers crossed...

D Bergy,

Thanks for the thoughts. I tried fish oils supplements a while back and didnt feel any benefit but do eat oily fish almost daily - aware of mercury issues but if we ruled out everything we would have nothing to eat and are limited enough I think?

Thanks folks for your thoughts.

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