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Coming off Prednisone

I've been on Prednisone for 6 months; started at 50mg at the beginning of the year with a sign of a flare and have been tappering down to nothing. Was on 2.5mg for the past month so came off it pretty slowly.
I've been off it for about a week now and i feel terrible. I'm extremely tired, headaches, up and down etc. (Almost the same symptoms i get when i go on it bar the shakes). Can we get some wort of withdrawals after being on it for so long? I thought I may have been getting sick, a virus or something but then though to myself it may be b/c I've come off Prednisone since I was on it for longer than I normally am.

Anyone had this?
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Your adrenaline glands may be a bit lazy and trying to work. Sometimes it happens, talk to your doctor about how you feel. Or it may be just a coinicidence.
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I have done a fair amount of reading recently and have read that coming off of steroids can cause the symptoms you are having ... sometimes can also cause a flare again... DEFINITELY talk to your doctor. You may be steroid dependent....

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