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NameDr. Thomas P Hsia
Address525 East Plaza Dr., #307
 Santa Maria, California, 93454
 United States
Phone(805) 922-6581
BioLast name is pronounced "shaw." I have no other information at this point.
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My rating.

4 / 5 Bedside Manner
4 / 5 Knowledgeable
4 / 5 Open to alternative treatments
3 / 5 Ease of accessibility
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After waiting 2 months for an appointment and over an hour in the waiting room, I was able to see Dr. Thomas P. Hsia, who quickly told me that he was overbooked that day and performed a quick evaluation. We prob were there less than 10 minutes. He told me that he would call me later that night. I was supprised when he did call me at 9pm that night as he didn't seem that interested in me in the office. However, the phone call was not productive. He called me a whore and told me that he wouldn't treat me until I reached the age of 55 (more than 20 years away). Then asked to speak with my husband. He promised my husband that he would provide me with anti-neausa medication and that he would call back in two days. When going to the pharamcy, they had no record of the prescription and the doctor never called back. He also promised that we would follow the plan my previous doctor had laid out before I had moved to this new city. When calling the office to get information on these tests, they said that I wasn't scheduled for them. Then I recieved a bill for a 45 minute consultation. I paid it. Then I recieved countless phone calls from the office, asking why I paid it and for me to send them a copy of the bill because they didn't have a record of them sending me one. Now they have called 3 times in the last 1/2 hr, asking if I will make it to my follow up appointment. I have no clue what this follow up appointment would entail as nothing has changed since the orginal appointment.

1 / 5 Bedside Manner
1 / 5 Knowledgeable
1 / 5 Open to alternative treatments
1 / 5 Ease of accessibility

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