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what can i do

Hello all iam sineorah 21 years old .. i have uc from 3 years ago and i tried alot of med and nothing ghange ..now iam on remicade and this is the 4th there is no change ..i cant sleep .. what about u ?
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Welcome to the forum. Different symptoms happens to all of us, especially where meds are concerned. Remicade can dake sometime to work, I was on it but became allergic. Where is your UC located? Hopefully giving it more time it should work but I only got to
3rd infusion , anyone can comment who has been on it longer? Maybe you may need to be on imuran too, do you have a doctor appt soon? Take care.
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Hi, Sineorah, and welcome. I haven't tried Remicade. I hope that it starts working for you. It's really hard when you can't sleep. Are you in a lot of pain?
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Pen i'm on imuran from 5 days and ther is alot of gases with pain no sleep but may there is some improvement ...i have uc in the whole of colon ,yes i have dr he let me tried all kind of med heheeh i don't know if he apt to me ..thanks pen for the replay..take care

Kala , i hope that 2 for everyone of us it's very hard to live ur life in this way no one understands ur needs.. theres pain

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