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Questions for D Bergy

On the thread titled "joint pain" I see you take Turmeric. I am on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet and the Turmeric (actually Curcumin) capsules I bought I can no longer take as they contain illegal additives.

I wanted to ask you - if I use lots of the spice will it do the same for me as taking the capsules? I use lots of the spice in soups and such but am not sure I'm getting a therapeutic dose. Any idea how much I'd have to use? How about ginger?

Thanks in advance! - Jamie
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D Bergy
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The spice Turmeric is the same as the capsule form. Some people make their own capsules because they do not like the taste. I would think the additives you mentioned are likely in the capsule itself. You could call the company to be sure.
You can also get it in a tincture form in a grain alcohol base.

There is another form of it which is the standardized 95% curcuminoid version. It contains a standardized amount of curcuminoids which is the active ingredient.
Herbs vary in strength naturally so this is an attempt to keep the active ingredient consistent.

When I had slight joint pain in my hip I usually used the 95% standardized just because it was what was available locally. I took 500 mg of the standardized Turmeric and 500mg of the Ginger. That was one capsule of each. This was enough for this slight pain I had. Of course the amount needed will vary with the individual. I would guess that most often you would need to use more than I did for any moderate amount of pain.

You can start with approximately that amount and increase it if needed. It takes a couple of weeks for any effect since it is relatively mild when compared to a pharmaceutical pain reliever. There should be no problem using the regular Turmeric or Ginger in food in the same amounts. It is the same thing, just cheaper. I have even bought the Ginger Root from the grocery store and just bit off a hunk. Does not taste good.

Later, when I found out I had Crohn's, I increased my dose to 3000 mg of each to halt the inflammation in my intestines. I take 1000mg with each meal along with the recommended amount of multivitamins, and a tablespoon of coconut oil. I also take one dose of Krill oil a day. I have varied the amount of Turmeric and Ginger from time to time but this seems to be the amount that works well for me.

Please check with your doctor before you use higher amounts of either the Ginger or Turmeric with any medications. They can interact with some medications such as blood thinners. Better to err on the safe side.

Let us know how that diet works out for you.

Best Regards

Dan Bergman
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Thank you so very much for taking the time to type that all out. I really appreciate it. I will attempt to track down some standardized curcuminoid.

I have a list of additives I can use and they include things like gelatin and magnesium stearate. So often gel caps are fine. It's just hard to find ready made supplements that don't also include things that aren't allowed.

In the mean time I'm gonna just use lots of Turmeric and Ginger powders. I LOVE the taste of Turmeric (luckily), and have started using it liberally in soups and such. Gnawing on raw ginger doesn't sound quite as good but I can understand where you must have been on that day

Thanks again and take care - Jamie

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