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Lose weight-eat less salt!

very interesting, especially all the meds listed that cause sodium retention, not just Pred!


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Yes this is a good article. Believe it or not too much salt slows your brain activity, just read that on the news last night. There is enough salt in packaged foods, so best to avoid them. Rule of thumb..if your cupboards have more food than your refridgerator, chances are you are not eating healthy. *** Goes to clean out her cupboards*** LOL.
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You have gained weight because of excess water stored in your body
While too much salt isn't good for anyone, I would argue that it's not the only thing causing people on Pred to gain weight (some people eat more of everything, not just salt).
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There's a BBC article about how much salt there is in bread. Think it said one slice contained more salt than a pack of crisps!
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Is it this article:

Salt is needed in bread to help the gluten develop which then holds in the air bubbles to make it rise. Our scales can't measure the amount of salt we put in, but our home-made bread gets about two level teaspoons per pound of flour.

Personally I think the more worrying salt content is the unnecessarily large quantities of salt in prepared meals, burgers, etc.
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Prednizone causes several effects that all result in weight gain. For me, it was uncontrollable appetite, which also followed a long 2 months where I barely ate more than 300-400 calories a day.

As far as salt, I only know of hypertension issues that steroids tend to aggravate. Sodium (in salt) is necessary along with many other simple elements. The daily recommended value by the FDA is pretty high, but prepared/frozen foods and fast food use it to preserve and flavor food - salt is cheaper than other options for preservation or flavoring.

You can reduce your sodium levels by eating potassium-rich foods (potassium replaces sodium in most compounds - high school chemistry class). Bananas, raisins, and other fresh fruits and vegies are good sources. Skim milk and some yogurts can also provide some.

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