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Mostly great

I've had Crohn's for around 25 years (diagnosed when I was 14). Since coming off the drugs a couple of years later (sorry so long ago I can't remember what they were) I've had only minor bouts and never been back to the Doc's. I do get weird allergies from time to time, periods of tiredness (sometimes due to a missed night's sleep) or fever and various joint aches & pains. I would say I've basically been in remission for 20+ years.

I'm happy to say it has mostly unaffected my life. I have an interesting and demanding job, run a business in my spare time, got a post-grad degree and travelled reasonably widely (including cycling through Tunisia and other countries).

Things I found helped me.

Mixing stuff up. It seems to me that sticking with particular proteins eventually resulted in becoming allergic to them for a few years (at least). So if I eat a lot of soy or milk - they will eventually cause minor flare ups (ie a sleepless night). I now vary protein based food stuffs and keep them to small doses. I'm vegge btw. I also found this happened with bathroom products too - use the same shampoo or shower gel for a while and eventually my skin would start stinging or itching. I now mix and match between my stuff and the missus'.

Stress management and relaxation. I started out doing Yoga - and found it very beneficial. Obviously not every pose is possible when your tummy is cramping but the deep breathing and tension releasing exercises are very useful when you are facing a sleepless night due to stomach cramps.

Visualisation. I was very determined that I wouldn't go back to the Doctor again. After being undiagnosed for 2 years, dropping to 4 stone and being on steroids for 6 months I felt I wasn't going back if I could help it. It was partly a side benefit of the yoga and other stress management stuff that I spent a lot of time visualising what the ideal might be and aiming for it.

Regular exercise. OK there are some days when after a bad night it is terribly hard to drag myself out for a long run but I try and manage 3 runs a week.

Go with the flow. Some months I have bags of energy, then I'll have weeks when I feel like a power nap before cycling to work. I vary my workload (inside and outside of work) and playload to take into account energy levels.

Experiment. I recently caught a very nasty stomach bug. Laid me out for nearly a month. Despite having a milk allergy - I thought I would give one of the probiotic drinks a go. It helped clear up the bug - and gave me some of my best weeks this year Crohn's wise. I'm trying the probiotic drink once a week now to see if it continues. Maybe it's a placebo, maybe not - but it seems to work.
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Glad you wormed your way on here! LOL. I wished I had remission but had ups and downs through the last 20 years... but everyone is different, of course I envy that you are able to have a normal life for the most part.

BTW even placebo's can work, because the mind controls alot and if you think you are better, your brain will help you. Nice to see a success story as yours. Welcome aboard!
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Thanks very much for the warm welcome, Pen. I worried a lot for the first 10 years that I'd get another serious flare-up and as a result I didn't do a lot of what I wanted to do. Now I worry less, see what happens and try to work around it if I'm having a not-so-great period.

When I hear what others have been through - I do think I've been very lucky.
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HI Greencat, Welcome to the forum, it very nice to read a success story, when comes to the placebo theory it better then a theory and mind. the probotic drink your drinking contains good bacteria and adds to the bowel which fights off the bad bacteria and promotes overall good health to the intestinal track i drink probotic drinks as well and eat probotic yogurt and take probotic pills. This intensives your intestinal tract which is good anything probotic is good for you. so is O-mega 3 or fish oils together they fight inflammation of the bowel. Which is very good. i am glad your doing well.

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Thank you for sharing your success story! It's so wonderful to hear you have done so well for 25 years. I hope you have many, many healthy years to come!

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