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2nd time lucky!

Well after the last time I posted a thread like this I was a bit apprehensive about posting another one. So I've waited a bit longer before saying anything this time but now we are almost 4 weeks into the 2nd trimester (coming up to 16 weeks) I feel enough time has past to safely say we are Pregnant again!
Although I want to be really excited, it's hard after last time as you are just constantly worrying!

Anyway, I thought I'd post our 12 week scan pics, it's a proper wriggler!

Although we had has 3 scans before these due to last time, these were the most special as it actually looks like something, we could see it moving and it actually waved for the pictures! lol
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Oh Rob, how exciting for you both! Fab pics too...

I hope all goes well for the rest of the pregnancy hun...

Dusty. xxx
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Just had the 20 Week Scan and everything is perfect!

They also think it's a Boy!! (Although they said they can't be 100% sure until He pops out! )

That second one is front on of His face.... just in case you were wondering wtf?,
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Congratulations to you and your wife!!
Jenn in Austin, TX
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Congratulations...would say he was handsome but.....
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Congrats, having a boy.. hopefully lol. I had a miscarriage and my first and had a wonder baby girl who will be 24 soon, she is my greatest joy and I got lucky with a smart, bright and beautiful young adult child
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The pics are just getting better and better Rob!

So happy for you hun...
Dusty. xxxxxxxx
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That's super exciting!!
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Any idea for names??

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Thanks everyone!


Any idea for names??
We are pretty set on Logan if it is definitely a boy but on the smaller chance it actually turns out to be a girl we are thinking Evie.
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aww congrats babies are so exciting, hope she has a super smooth pregnancy enjoy =)
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I am so happy for you both, Rob! I'm also very happy that you started this thread so we can all see how beautiful your little miracle is becoming. Little Logan or Evie will have a wonderful daddy!

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Congratulations! What a perfect little miracle he is!

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