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14 Weeks on LDN

Hey guys. So it's been 103 days since I started LDN. I was ready to give up hope. Just two weeks ago, I had two accidents and a lot of blood. I was ready to just give up on it and go to my GI and talk about Humira. However, last week, my blood stopped. I was still having urgency issues and my stools weren't that formed. Yesterday, my fistula wasn't bothering me, and I went to the bathroom around 4 times all decent, no blood, no mucus. Today, I haven't gone to the bathroom yet and I feel fine. I should mention that I started smoking 3 cigarettes daily because I heard it can help if only your colon is involved. I don't know, perhaps it's just a little fluke, or maybe the LDN is starting to do it's job. I heard that it can take time to work, up to 4 months to see improvements and up to 6 months to get the full benefits. I'm still holding hope to see if it really is the LDN. I will be so happy if it is, I've been sticking with it for over 100 days now. I'll keep you updated.
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I bet it is not a fluke! Hang in there, LDN is a roller coaster ride.

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Thanks for the update. I hope you start to see even more positive changes over the next few days.

Crossing my fingers for you!

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I am still sick and so confused...
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what was your ldn starting dose!

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